Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! 


It has been a busy season already of proms and weddings! Last Saturday, I helped Whitney with a wedding in Commerce at the Governor's mansion.. which was absolutely gorgeous BTW. Totally helped myself around the house afterwards for a few pictures.. The wedding party and Bride were so relaxed and tons of fun! I have another prom this Saturday and the following Saturday. I'm sure I will have pics up on Instagram. Here are a few updos from this past weekend.


This Sunday, the family is coming over for Easter lunch at our house! It will be great having some family time and sloooowing down a bit. Can't wait to see all the family and have everyone under one roof. 
And at the top of the list, celebrating Christ's resurrection!


'Nuff said.


Monday was a big day for Amber and I. We had a dermatologist appointment to have a couple of places checked out and removed. What an eventful day for us. They didn't have Amber down with me, in which caused us to be separated, we were both sliced and diced.. I will spare you the detailed picture and Amber wouldn't be very happy with me if I shared hers either.. all the while listening to Candy Coated RainDrops, half naked in a robe. BUT we survived!
Got a call yesterday.... and its benign! 
Nothing else needs to be done.
Sunscreen or best yet.. no sun at all everyone!


These gorgeous hydrangeas were brought into the salon yesterday from Mama Arlene's house. Aren't they gorgeous??? They remind me of our wedding day. I have been working on my blog a lot this week and finally have a few many things listed under Our Love Story. I'm not finished yet, but I am so excited how everything is coming together!

Happy Good Friday all!
Know that you are blessed today and make it a great day!



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