Monday, April 14, 2014

Masters 2014

Congrats to Bubba Watson for winning his second Masters! 
I tried to keep watch on the standings this weekend but being a busy bee kept that a challenge. I even downloaded the Masters app on my phone.
Yesterday afternoon I was able to lounge around for a bit and watch the final round and see Bubba presented with his green jacket. 

Watching the Masters reminds me of growing up and seeing my Dad, Paw Paw Smokey, and Uncle David on the golf course. When my parents were together, we were members of a nine hole country club, Deer Trail, in Commerce. My mom, my little brother and I, would swim at the pool while my Dad, his Dad and brother would play. I even remember my Dad telling me about his first Eagle he got... he couldn't believe it! I think he got pretty good too. After my Paw Paw passed away tho, I think it was a long time before he ever picked up his clubs again, if he ever did. 
I rarely ever have to go in the Commerce direction.. but last year I when was there, I pulled into that course and sat in the parking lot facing the greens and fairways.. thinking of all the memories.

There is just something about being on a golf course. It can be one of the most relaxing, peaceful times. I don't own my own clubs but I have had my times of fun on the golf course and the driving range. 

I even had a job once with a golf company. Its been so long ago I don't even remember what the name of it was tho. When golfers would arrive, they had the opportunity to buy a ticket, if you got a hole-in-one you won a huge prize.. I never had anyone do so but for playing you got a sleeve of balls. Hey I was young and it paid the bills while I was building my clientele. I till have a client coming to me from those days! His name is Hardy and he comes into the salon singing every time, he may have a magic trick to show me, and ALWAYS has a joke to tell. AND I enjoyed just being out there on a cool spring or fall morning, soaking up the sun and peacefulness.

Here I am in 2006, doing my best Tiger Woods fist pump celebrating my first birdie! 

I have moved Coach's clubs a good bit at times around this house (limited storage).. we should make it a fun date before you git the road hard traveling! It would be some fun memories to make. 



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