Friday, April 11, 2014

Do the Chop:: Braves Opening Day

Since 2011, I have been going with Coach and the Team Elite fam to the Atlanta Braves Opening Day. (That was also the day I met a lot of the TE coaches, wives, and girlfriends for the first time.)
How time flies!

We almost didn't make it this year because for some reason there weren't any tickets bought for the gals.. still not sure why this was.. but Coach politely declined if his wife couldn't be apart of this tradition. What a smart man and such a sweet husband. 
Turns out I was able to get a ticket in the end from a coach who wasn't able to attend and boy was I one happy wife!! 
I worked a couple of hours on Tuesday morning, got back home to get ready, Mitch (a coach) met us at the house, and we were on our way! We got to the A-T-L around 3:30 and met up with the group, hung out for a bit, and finally headed inside. This chick was starving!!

Our photographer said to strike a pose LOL! What can I say, we like having fun!

Forty years ago on Tuesday, Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list and was recognized before the game...

... celebrating his 715th home run.

We sat down and a few minutes later I saw this lady.. 714 was hit on my birth date! How cool!

Go Dawgs!!!

"Forty years ago, if I had known (the anniversary celebration) would be like this, I would have hit (No. 715) earlier," 
“I gave the game everything I had.”  
"You think about it and say, 'Well, there is no way 40 years have passed that quickly.' But it's here." 
~Hank Aaron

The night was absolutely gorgeous despite the wind. I got pretty cold at one point and thank goodness Coach gave me his jacket.

Coach recognized someone he knew.. his outfielder coach from the Padres who is now the Braves Third Base Coach, Doug Dascenzo. (45 walking in the middle of the picture) I love learning about his career!

Unfortunately, we lost 4-0 to the Mets AND the flag caught on fire due to some of the fireworks. My uncle, who is a firefighter for ATL, came in yesterday to the salon and told me about it. I didn't even notice the fire but did notice all the holes in it at one point. Guess I was too busy taking pics I didn't even notice the flames. Oops!!

'Til next year!



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