Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Handsome Baby Brother went to Prom

My sweet whittle baby brother, who was born when I was in the 8th grade.. who used to wake me up screaming at 2:30AM.. who was the cutest baby ever and who has grown into such a handsome young man.. really where has the time gone?.. went to his first prom yesterday.

So handsome!

Michelle and Kolton

After work, I met up with the group to take pics. I have a confession too, several times I seriously choked up.... and I cried when I left. Time has flown by soooo fast!! 

He was the only boy for a long time!

Michelle's dress is beautiful!

One of my faves!

Kolton was a wrestler and now into MMA so he likes to play around.. 

Kolton being such a  gentelman!

 Their prom theme was The Great Gatsby. How fun is that? 
They had safe travels and had a great time!



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