Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hopper Wedding... Colors, Flowers, Boutonnieres, & Cakes

Here I am again with more wedding details.
Things were SOO CRAZY with everything going on I wasn't very good about getting my thoughts down here, so I am catching up the best I can.

It was such a challenge for me in the beginning to decide on what my colors would be. I know there are all different color schemes and pops of colors here and there like pinks and oranges. Several people suggested orange because it would be the fall but I knew that just wasn't me. 

If you look at my closet, you will find a section of white shirts, a section of black, a small section of greys, a few navy, a few browns, and a few pinks. 
And just let me add they are in order from strapless to spaghetti strap to sleeveless to tees to collared. WORD. 

OK, back to the point. I guess you can say that I lean more towards classic colors or natural colors. After I thought about it a little longer, I realized I didn't want black, I love white, crisp looks, and I have been completely obsessed with burlap so why not go with white, burlap colors, and touches of brown.

FINALLY, that was settled. 

It wasn't too hard for me to decide on flowers. Living here on the 'farm' and being southern and everything y'all, I knew I wanted hydrangeas.. and white ones. 
I wasn't quite sure what I needed to add to it though. 
The bridesmaids were going to be just hydrangeas 

and I mine, hydrangeas with a little something different.

My wedding planner suggested peonies. 
At first I wasn't really sure about it and then I saw this picture..

And fell in love.
How gorgeous would that be?
Well guess what the ONLY month out of the year is that you can't get peonies?

You guessed it..

So, we went back to some other options and came up with garden roses (I am not a rose fan but when these are open they were very pretty) and spider mums..
and those brown things I really have no clue what those are represented some kind of open pine cone.

 (Sorry I have NO clue what those are called either)
This picture was a sample taken at the florist meeting.

I think it came out being so beautiful!

The lace around the stems came from my MIL's collection of old lace. 
A nice southern touch!

 Now, onto the cake. 
Let me just tell you I do NOT like a lot of icing. I honestly cannot STAND it. 

Does anyone remember when Hilary Duff got hitched? I do. I saw her wedding photos featured in OK! Weekly when it came out. Everything I saw was gorgeous. Her hair was beautiful, her dress, everything. 
And then there was her cake.

I had NEVER seen anything like it. 
It had NO icing, it was rustic looking, and it was just different
And, I am all about not being the same as everyone else. 

AND, the only icing on the cake was in between the layers?
Well that was a NO BRAINER!

As soon as the cake decisions started coming about, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. 
And we got just that. 

Future Brides.. I suggest keeping it simple and using someone local in your hometown. I went and talked to a well known bakery in Athens and it was horrible. The whole experience was and the cake was NASTY! I ended up meeting with a very sweet lady from my hometown, I had a cake tasting not too long after that and they were AMAZING. Coach ate on those cakes for a couple of weeks and raved about how moist the cake still was. 

This next picture is one of our favorites. We were both telling each other, the other better not slam the cake in each other's face.. that's actually a lot of 'others'.. Weellll, being me, I couldn't resist and tried to cake slam towards the end of me shoving the cake into his mouth. I think the cake pieces you see flying in the picture just adds to the whole shot. 

For the groom's cake I knew what I wanted to do from the start. 
I wanted to surprise Coach with a baseball cake. 
I knew it would be such a sweet surprise for him. 

In the beginning, I told him that I thought this would be a great idea for him..

..yellow cake and chocolate icing.. his favorite!
And bless him.. he didn't argue about it or anything. 

I really wanted just a completely round (as much as it could be) good sized baseball. Everything like that seemed to be too small and really looked like a small child's birthday cake.
And then I found this:

Once again.. PERFECT!! 
I love how the baseball is, I think the 'bronzy' look on it makes it look antique like the old school baseball days, it's paired with baseballs, moss (which is what our aisle was made of), AND hydrangeas!
Seriously I think that was just meant to be. 

I wish I could tell you how good it was but I didn't get a single bite of it.
Coach absolutely loved it.

The boutonnieres were super fun. I found this wedding in one of the first couple of magazines I looked at and thought how perfect! 
Now to only find the cotton so we could provide it ourselves.
Well, we were in luck and blessed because Coach has a friend who had connections to get some!
They went and picked it up one weekend, we saved money on flowers, and they turned out great.


Megan said...

The random nameless brown thing in your bouque looks like a dried pomegranate to me! Maybe?

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Sounds good to me! I even tried googling it a ton of ways and came up with nothing.

Candice said...

wow! beautiful pics! I love the unique bouquet and the cake.

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you so much Candice!

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