Monday, January 21, 2013

A Fashion Show...

Meet Taylor.

She is the owner of Elite Bridal in Braselton, GA and my saving grace in helping me find the gown of my dreams!
Ladies, if you are needing a gown, bridesmaids dresses, mother's dresses THIS IS YOUR PLACE TO GO! Even communicating with Taylor over the phone before I even stepped foot into Elite Bridal she was professional and super sweet.
The store is absolutely GORGEOUS displaying some of THE most beautiful gowns I have ever seen. 
She has truly been a blessing in more than just me finding a wedding dress.

I recently got a text from her a couple of weeks ago to be apart of a fashion show at the Bridal Expo in Gainesville showcasing some of the gowns from her store...

I was told I could wear my bridal gown again if I wanted to..

Well DUH! Of COURSE I will be in it! 
Who wouldn't want to put on their gown again?
I still even had my dress out! I couldn't bear the thought of having it put up in a bag in the closet yet.

But don't get me wrong.. in the midst of all of this I'm letting it run through my brain that I will be walking in front of a crowd.. lots of brides-to-be.. 
If you don't know, I do NOT get up in front of people, do public speeches, never been in a pageant, nothing like that.
I think the biggest crowd I have been in front of was at our wedding... about 250 people.
All I could see was myself tripping on the dress and falling off the stage. 
I'm sure it has happened to someone at some point.

 BUT at the same time, HOW EXCITING!
Did I mention I was going to wear my dress again?

So here comes Sunday!
Hair and Makeup started at 9 at American Salon & Spa.

Dana was my stylist and did an awesome job!
I loved all the volume and the deep side part.

                 my hairpiece from our wedding!

Such a TREAT to be in the chair instead of behind the chair.

I LOVED my makeup! 
The foundation and blush were airbrushed
I have never had that before
It. Did. Not. Budge.
I loved my eyes too! They just seemed to "pop".

We all arrived at the Civic Center as we finished up, Taylor gave us the rundown, we had lunch, and then got into our first dress!

Show starts at 1:30!

There were six other lovely ladies and two precious flower girls in the show.
We wore two bridesmaids dresses and two bridal gowns.

The above dress was my first one and this was taken before the show started.
There was NO time in between the first and last to even think about pictures.

I think we all got a little taste of what those VS supermodels go thru for their fashion shows.
We even had some backstage music playing.
It's get dressed, get on stage, FLLLLYYYYYYY offstage running to the back, strip down, and get into that next gown!
No modesty here girls!

It went by super fast, all the girls were beautiful, and totally ROCKED it!

We even got Taylor to walk out with us on our final walk together!

And, I didn't even fall on my face... 
despite the fact that I did step on the hem of this last dress and trip a little bit. 

Let's just say 


Before the show, I did get to check out Elite Bridal's booth....

EB has won two awards in their first year--

CONGRATS girlfriend!!

And, I got to see a few other's too.
This one below especially caught my eye.

love, love, love!!!

How adorable is this with the cans wrapped in burlap??


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