Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pinterest Fave Finds of the Day

I had a little free time today and realized I couldn't remember the last time I have been on Pinterest.. 
Which is totally shocking because at one point I probably should have been in a Pinterest Anonymous group.

It was SOO good to be back browsing around!

These are my finds
and some hopefully future projects..

I LOVE this black wall.. Which I don't really think its true black.. it looks like a hint of grey is in the color if you ask me.. but I think you could totally do this if it's done the right way! 
Just one accent wall of course.
And I am all about some black too..
My closet is probably 60% black with accents of color.

I am digging this outfit! I totally love the grey sweater..

How cute is this fishtail bun? 
And fishtail is easier than it looks. Very doable.
Then just wrap and pin!

One more hair find.. Love these layers and the color is great too.

Who doesn't love pizza? Here is a healthier version..
-------> RECIPE

I love photography and I think this is pretty cool. Although we don't have stairs in our house or really any empty wall to try this.. Maybe an idea for a future house.

This may be my weekend project!
paint a piece of wood (could paint a solid color, or paint a design/pattern like this one), sand and distress/age the corners, then attach a regular picture frame on top. 

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Julie Jinks said...

I need a daily hairdresser-I love both of those looks....sigh.....
I love the picture wall and frame too!!! Pinterest-done!

Natalie and Lee said...

I'm following:)

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

I just followed you! yay! :o)

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Me too girl! And we have got wood all over this property.. Lawd help Shane.. Projects all ova the place! ;-)

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