Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love Never Fails

Before the wedding, I went and talked with our Pastor about the layout of our wedding vows. While we were discussing everything one of my favorite bible verses was mentioned. I knew I definitely wanted that as apart of our ceremony. 

Now everyone knows that I love Pinterest and I can be a PINNING machine at times. 
And before the wedding, I was pinning every wedding idea I possibly could.

Even this little idea below...

So I couldn't help but to fall in love with this idea.. especially after I talked to Mama Arlene and knew that 1 Corinthians would be read during the ceremony.  

Now let me tell ya about a little incident that took place a while back concerning a little big red oak tree. There are were two that were on the fence line of the pasture behind our house.   Now, there is only one. 

This one below. 
This was taken in Jan 2011. Georgia had a huge ice storm blow through town. We were iced in the house for 3 days. 
(trust me. I remember.. couldn't..... go.... anywhere......) 

Anyway... the other tree that got cut down was Coach's favorite tree. Every time he would come down Holsenbeck School Road, he would admire this tree.. it was gorgeous to him.. 

Well, let me just say that one day he was coming down Holsenbeck and it ended up not being a good day. Someone decided to take it upon himself to STOP TRAFFIC, cut down this who-knows-how-old-this-tree-is, and take it home with him. 


To come onto someone else's property and have the nerve to cut down anything on someone else's land???!

This man did and let me tell you the cops got involved, Coach got involved, and his Mama got involved. And the man brought that old red oak tree back to the house and it has been behind the barn ever since. 

It's certainly not the same being in one piece where it should be, but Coach got it back, and months down the road, a few pieces of it became sentimental in the wedding... 

Coach was so awesome to go cut a few pieces off one of the branches so I could paint each verse on the individual pieces. 

As you can see, we hung them on the chairs closest to the aisle.
They were so perfect.

I know there will always be ups and downs, but we are in this for the long haul and our love will never fail for each other. We believe God is first in everything and He is the center of our marriage. 

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Katy {and Kahler} said...

ok, the tree story- how random... and RUDE!

however, i do love that you were able to incorporate such a special thing into your wedding day.

love that passage. so much truth packed into just a few verses!

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