Monday, January 21, 2013

Hopper Wedding... Let's start PLANNING!!

If you have ever been engaged before you know you feel like every second is spent day dreaming, planning, worrying, flipping through the latest wedding magazine, day dreaming some more, planning.. 

Well you get the picture..

And you think that a year is enough time or "How can I wait that long to marry the man of my dreams?", when in all reality the BIG DAY is there before you can even bat an eye. 

I felt like every minute of free time was spent towards making something.. painting, hot gluing, finalizing ideas.. 
But I wouldn't trade it for anything or wish for it to be any different.
What a special time of making memories.

Before Coach and I even got engaged, there was talk of maybe having the property behind the house one day.. It's almost 30 acres and it was owned by the family. 
There is a pond on the very opposite end from the house.

Absolutely gorgeous area. It backs up to another pasture that has more of a hill and the sun sets back there behind the trees.
There has also been talk about building a future house with a deck off the back of the house going into the pond.
The land actually came up for sale this past year, and Coach bought the land..
So what a more perfect place to have a wedding?
I had already even mentioned the location to Coach at one time also. 

I had still looked at other venues too. Like the Tucker Plantation, I just loved the whole look, but why have it there when you have your own venue in your back yard and it be WAY MORE sentimental? I am a HUGE sentimental person and I just couldn't get that spot out of my head.. not to mention the part where you are saving $$$?? BONUS!

I got in contact with an awesome wedding planner Gina Deesigns, met with her to make sure that all this was actually doable and my budget could handle it all, the meeting went very well and let's just say the rest all fell into place!

She got started on rentals, tent.. chairs.. porta potties.., flowers, save-the-dates, wedding invitations, bridal stores, food caterer, you name it. 

The second that we had our date picked out--

Which it was decided mainly around baseball season.. Coach is off the month of August however I really didn't want my makeup melting off my face, sweaty armpit stains on my dress, the bridesmaids and groomsmen and guests falling out in the floor from a heat stroke Spring was way too early to have it for a December engagement, spring also means the beginning of baseball, Summer he is on the road on the weekends, so that leaves fall travel season being over at the beginning of November, sooo November it was! I really like the number 15 it was my softball number since the 8th grade but there wasn't a 15th Saturday.. there was a 3, 10, 17, and 24. Georgia had their HC game the 3rd, there was another wedding on 10th that my hairstylist was helping with, and the 24th would have been too close to Thanksgiving. That left the 17th, which was actually Coach's baseball number when he played for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (and 11 was his number from high school, college, and Quebec).. so 11.17 it was!!

-- I immediately contacted the photographer that I wanted to use and praise the Lord he was open!!
I actually got to work with Scott on a Trash the Dress portfolio he was building.. You can check it out on his website
After seeing all of his work on the past weddings he had shot too, I KNEW I wanted him to capture our moments on our big day!
He has STUNNING shots from over 60 weddings.

Two huge TO-DO'S marked off the list!
Venue and photographer.

Now, the search for THE dress is on!!.....


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