Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday 2013

What a great 2013 so far!
I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year so far.

Today, I am thankful for

~The awesome first Christmas Coach and I had as HUBBY and WIFEY!

~ Healthy holidays with NO illnesses!!!

~ My $.30 off at the gas pump on Tuesday!! WHOO HOO!! I had $50 cash.. gave the cashier my number.. got the 30 cent off.. AND got $2.13 back because my tank didn't take all of it! Thank you Lord for my blessing!

~All the positiveness the Lord has surrounded me with for the past couple of weeks! I have met some pretty awesome people and I couldn't be more thankful. Change isn't so bad.. it has been pretty good to me so far. 



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