Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our "I Do's"..

Will probably be said right about here..

Yes.. that looks about right. 
Except Mama Pastor Arlene will be standing there.. and my Fiance.. and me.. and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.. 
All of our family and friends watching us say our vows to start our life together as

Mr. and Mrs. Hopper.

And hopefully the pond will not look like this. All of this green yucky will be gone.
We thought it was just algae but Coach and his Dad are starting to think it is run off from the pasture behind it. Whatever fertilizer they put on their land. Boo.

On a happier note, Coach did such a great job mowing the area down. 
This is where the chairs will be for our guests, divided by a peat moss aisle. 
I cannot wait to see it all put together.

This past Monday, we Coach put out grass seed and fertilizer. I supervised took pictures to document all this prepping we have been doing for the Big Day!

 It's amazing how you think you have ALL this time and then you are less than 30 days away and you need everything to be done!


He did such a GREAT job! 

When Coach got finished, we sat down, faced the pond, enjoyed the peace and quiet.. well, you see what I was doing and who didn't want their picture taken.. and took everything in for a moment. 
It's so nice to slow down and relax for a minute. 
I forget to do that sometimes.

We busted out laughing after I looked at this picture!
Funny stuff.

After we left from the pond, Trio decided he wanted some extra attention.
He is so much better and starting to fatten up in his belly. He is still super sweet and gentle with everyone... AND, he has started coming up towards the house more!

He was at the backyard fence Monday morning when I let the dogs out. And of course, I didn't notice it until I heard Mara barking at something, walked back outside, and there he was! I can't believe he was all the way up to the house and I missed it. He was gone in a flash. I could've seriously hurt Mara. 

Hopefully, he will come back up soon or at least join the other horses.
I just think he knows he's still not 100% and he can't take the possibility of bullying.

Coach tried to get them to meet and hang out but you see where Trio went. Back to his comfortable grounds. It made me very sad.

Tonight I was looking through all these pics and looked a little closer at this one.
Trio looking towards the other horses and Coach in the mirror watching them!
I didn't notice it before! The cool thing to me is I was just snapping away and wasn't even trying to capture a specific thing here. 

 Can't wait for him to get fatter!


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