Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This morning didn't start off the way I planned it to. Coach says in the big scheme of things, it really wasn't that bad. 

And he is absolutely correct. 
Things could be SO worse.

I think what upset me most out of everything this morning is instead of having another hour with him before he left, I spent it at the doctor's office. Insert sad face here.

So after everything has calmed down a bit and I stop my pity party, I look around me and find things I am thankful for...

I may have said this in another TT, but I thank the Lord again and again for my health. It's very rare for me to end up at the doctor and I am so blessed and thankful...

... For this wonderful man who is my best friend and who I will marry November 17.
He IS my better half and everyday helps me see the positive in the negative- just like he did today..

... I am thankful we have the means to get this little big guy stronger and back to being healthy. The vet is coming to check him out Monday! I could seriously hurt the people who let him get this bad before doing anything about it...

... for the awesome, evening chat with my Mom... We had a couple of good laughs..



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