Monday, October 29, 2012



I will become Mrs. Hopper..

Have I said that before?..  Only in a higher countdown?


This past Saturday was my ONLY Saturday off before now and until the wedding.
Ay ay ay!!

Today, I had another shower. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!

I have one more shower, then the bridal luncheon, a week off, and then it will be here!

Mrs. Judy cutting the Pumpkin Roll.
Oh my.. never had one before.. SOOO DELICIOUS!
I had 2 pieces! 

Butler's Pantry dishes! I was 
to get these pieces! 

Cupcake Holder! I have been pinning new recipes from Pinterest..
 So when I find myself looking around wondering what the heck am I supposed to do now after the honeymoon, what am I gonna do??? 
Make cupcakes of course!
People better get ready!

Miss Emily being an awesome hostess!
Isn't she adorable?
We even got to see her Homecoming dress and shoes! Sooo pretty!!!


I love burlap! So excited to see more dishes!

Mrs Connie! 
Coach's Mom!

Coach's Grandmother! I think she enjoyed herself today.

Tracie HATES her picture being taken. Hmmm. Wonder where Coach gets it from?

All I wanted was a picture! 
You just have to know us.


Now this is my kinda decor.

Christine, Sue, me, and Judy.

Me and Mom!
I don't think I look like her at all. Heehee.

Sooo, we have been SO BLESSED with gifts that I am running out of room and could possibly use an addition onto the house. 
I even think this was voiced from Tracie before the showers even started and I do believe she was right!

So instead of trying to store our new dishes, I decided they needed to go on display!
Coach and I decided that we were not going to use any gifts until after the wedding.
And technically we are not using them so I thought this would be perfect.

Had to take one more picture all 'wrapped' up.

I thought this bag from Mom was perfect for me.


So what do you guys think?

love. love. love.

I found the wooden spoons (KitchenAid) at Target for $2 a piece! 

These are handmade! Thank you SO MUCH Mrs. Barbara!
I know you are reading! They are absolutely perfect for our kitchen!
We even have a rooster pot that matches perfect.

So thankful for everything today!
Thank you ladies so much!


Carley Cain said...

You and I have the same dishes! I absolutely love them! Have you seen the Christmas set? Love it too! IT is getting close... I know it will be perfect!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Yay!!! I love them too! I am so happy we went with these! I have not seen the Christmas set. I am going to look that up tho! Thanks so much girl! Speaking of Christmas I can't wait to decorate the house!

p.s. I am enjoying reading your posts! :o)


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