Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014 Continued...

Enough laying around the house today in this neck of the woods.. we ALL got out of the house. Tracie (SIL) and Connie (MIL) came over too! How many snow pictures can you take of the barn and the yard you ask? Well I can never decide on just one of each I LOOOOOOVE PICTURES  and it's for our family to see! 
After Coach made a fire he wanted it to be warm when we got back we wrapped up, headed outside with the 3 Amigos, and started towards the pond. Anytime it snows or its a beautiful spring/summer day, that is where we take our walks. The pups were thoroughly enjoying themselves well maybe only two of them by the time it was said and done, the horses greeted us, and it just ended being a gorgeous, fun family snow day!
Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed being outside today capturing them.. you may even stumble upon a snowmanwoman before this post is all said and done.

This is the point where I realized Kyli was obviously not near us anymore. She wouldn't come when we called her, but I didn't panic at first because she will TOTALLY give you the middle paw if she is not interested in you. After walking a ways back towards the house she still wasn't coming. I hitched a ride with Tracie and Ricky back to the house calling and calling her, got thru the pasture gate back at the house, got to the back porch, and Miss Diva herself was there at the back door, jumping up and down, shirt soaking wet, obviously wanting in. She said she had ENOUGH of the white stuff!!

Resume capturing after a ride back to the pond.

Huge deer tracks! We even saw a couple of rubbed spots on trees.

AAAAANNND after said moment.. Mara and Sox get into one of their sibling knock-down-drag-out fights!! It felt like it lasted FOREVER! Heifers.

Trio, Snuggles, and Chester


Mara is such a bully! Always giving the horses heck. Notice Trio ain't takin' no crap from her.

Chester and Snuggles

FIRST SNOWMANWOMAN ever!!! Can you believe that I have never made one before??  

Check out that nappy huuurrr.. She seems happy anyway! Ha!

First snowwoman made as a married couple!

HAHAHA! Soo much fun!!

Such a handsome husband!

And that's a wrap!! Back to work tomorrow! 
As much as I have enjoyed the last three days off to spend with Shane and our Puppies I think I am ready to get back to work and in a routine again. So thankful and blessed to have had this time together, thankful for heat and power, and a time of rest and fun!



Candice said...

I went out yesterday too. I was having a little cabin fever and it was good to walk around out there for a few minutes.

Candice said...
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