Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An idea..

I love love love headpieces. 

And as much as I love them I am still failing at getting one. 
I am going to have to get on this ASAP.

Last night, Coach and I were watching reruns of Shark Tank and two sister's, Mackenzie and Rachael, came in on a mission to get help with their jewelry line, Litter. Did you see the episode? They have such a unique story of how they got started and right away I started googling and found their website. I fell in LOVE with some of their pieces! It all got started when they made a simple headpiece out of a broken necklace.

I probably haven't told you this about me but I love chunky, clunky, gaudy, layered, big pieces of jewelry. I can't help myself. So of course the following was one of my faves from their line. 

However, as much as I love it, I won't be getting it because $460 is way out of my budget. Thank you for the inspiration girls. You have brought a little life to the creative juices within. Now please excuse me while I go check my inventory for the making of an Ashley Origi-nal piece. 



Megan said...

I want just a headband, not the whole piece. Francecas has some adorable ones, but I don't know if it's the whole piece. I just need to bite the bullet. I think they would look so good in the summer!

Ashley said...

They would Megan! I need to bite the bullet too. How long have I been talking about them now? Haha

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