Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's only Wednesday?

I don't know about you but since the snow/ice wiped us out for a few days I have been playing catch up with work. Now don't get me wrong I THOROUUUUGHLY enjoyed some down time and it was great for me and Coach, but back to reality Ash! I guess you could say I definitely got a little spoiled. I went back to work Friday and Saturday, had a hair event in the A-T-L Sunday, and back to work Monday and I will be there thru Saturday again. WHEW! Business is good but these little footsies are gonna need a massage by that time that's all said and done! Yesterday was slammin'.. all of us at the Sassafras felt like we had ran a marathon. I truly wish all the hair that we disposed of yesterday could have been made into wigs! SO. MUCH. HURRR. 

Speaking of Sunday, Mrs Arlene, Whitney, and I headed out to Atlanta to hear the latest in EVO. I have mentioned before my love for their products and still love them! helmut hairspray is the There are so many opportunities with this Fabuloso line I wanted to grab everything off the table and take it back to the salon right then! And also take the Australian accent from the speaker.. This is big right now in Australia! 
You even had the option for these EVO geniuses to custom make your own conditioner for 20 bucks.. and hey.. I couldn't pass that up. It smells divine!!
Us gals ended our night at Bonefish. What a great night of girl time and fellowship!

Melt my heart, look who came to visit Monday! THE TWINS!! I went thru school with their daddy Jon and his wife Vicki is the sweetest. I even had the honor of doing her hair and makeup for their wedding in Dahlonega where they met in college. Meet Bryce (left) and Braydon (right), Bryce is such a little snuggler and Braydon was ALL over the place! I thought he was going to leap right out of my arms! They were 11 weeks Monday. 

And here is their big sister, Rylee. Her and Jon are hilarious together and she is such a big helper with the boys!

As much as I didn't feel like it after yesterday and lack of sleep the past couple of days, I took myself straight to the gym after work. Take your gym clothes to work with you peeps and take it straight to the gym.. if I would've had to come home after work I probably would've talked myself out of it. After 2 rounds of legs and arms I took myself to the treadmill where I started my Couch to 5K training for The Color Vibe in May. WHOOP WHOOP!! 
Any tips on why my distance wasn't recorded? Do I need to change something in settings? Thanks in advance!

I was telling Coach I think those spin classes have really helped my endurance because I didn't fall off the treadmill at all like I thought I might! I will say, I don't think I recommend squats and leg press before running. I wonder how many people were laughing at my jello running legs? There is NO telling what I looked like. 

Actually it probably went something like this:




Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I know you just did the Liebster Award but I nominated you again because I love your blog! :)) Just an fyi! :)) Take care!

Jennie said...

You sound like a busy girl!! The twins are so cute I love the picture with them!

Rambling Hermit said...

My daughter's name is Rylee also!!!

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