Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday

Whew!! The work week is almost over for me! And I am so glad to see the sun shining today as well! That big yellow ball in the sky sure is good for the soul.

Linking up today with Christina and friends for 5 on Friday.. without further adieu..


Here is one of the many services I did this week.. actually did this Intense Keratin Treatment today.
This was the first keratin for my client and she was IN LOVE when I turned her to face the mirror. 


I ended up having some free time Thursday morning and got to spend some time with this sweet boy! He was making me laugh for sure with these shots I got!


My flowers are still gorgeous from Valentine's Day! I still have them on the kitchen counter and love looking at them.


I want. I want. I want. 
On the left, we have a necklace that I would either get Coach's number on or I would request a special order for the word "Coach".
On the right, we have bling bling bling. Need I say more?


I am soooo excited! Saturday I have orientation for my first sewing class! This is our first project. Cannot wait for next Thursday.. class officially starts and lasts for 6 weeks.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Rambling Hermit said...

Love horse lips!!!!

Eat Drink and Be Mary said...

That baseball necklace is so cute! I love it, do you remember where it's from? I took sewing classes in high school and loved them, and would love to make a pilow like that! I hope you're having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

That pillow is super cute!!! Good luck!

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