Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunny Spring Superbowl Sunday

Who would have thunk it that just a few days ago we would have snow covering the ground and today have beautiful sunny weather in the 60's.. only in Georgia!
We started this day off at church with a great message then lunch at a newer place in town called Magnolia's. All we knew is that it was super delicious and recommended by several people. I am just going to be honest I was not impressed. Coach said he would go back but not I. Blah.
Anyhoo.. we made a quick stop by Ingles to grab some dog food, made it home, got the 3 Amigos bellies full, and headed outside for some vitamin D. 
We watched Sox and Mara make their usual rounds all over the yard, walked the property, and then Coach got out the chainsaw.

He decided the pear tree needed a little trimming...

... and then he remembered an empty hornets nest in the pasture he wanted to get down. 


I can't recall ever seeing a hornets nest in person and I must say I don't ever want to see one with anything coming out of it!

In mid deer-like jump.

Such sweet pictures.

Going in the barn!

A few snapshots in the barn...

Finally hung up!

After the hanging of the hornets nest, I was walking across the yard, looked over at the coop and realized there were only two hens walking around the pen.

Could one hen really be in the process of laying an egg?? I quietly called Coach over and we watched this hen sit for what seemed like forever. My bladder and attention span finally gave in and I went to the house. Not too far behind me I see Coach start towards the house and he tells me I missed it.. which I knew would happen as soon as I walked away from the coop. He said she went into "crouch position", "bowed up", and "the egg just fell out between her legs". Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.. how 'bout that for a poultry lesson?

We finished off the day with a great Superbowl meal! For Christmas, Coach's parents gave us Omaha Steaks and we fired a couple of those bad boys up on the Egg along with the baked potatoes. Green beans were curtesy of Ingles o Winder. Ha. 

I guess you could say we really finished off the night with these Apple Caramel Tartlets. Holy melt in your mouth and totally not on my diet! 

Coach went on and on about them and loved them so much he joked about buying more for his own Christmas present this year! 

I have to admit I wasn't impressed at all with the game or the half time show. Just wasn't into it. I have to say my favorite parts of the whole thing were the Budweiser puppy and the Doritos Bull Mastiff Cowboy commercials. I'm a sucker for some precious puppies. 
But you all probably already knew that one. 



Tammy Jo said...

That hornets nest looks SCARY!!!!

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