Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enjoying the Snow!

Get ready for major picture overhaul! 
I suited up in my snowboarding gear and me, Sox, and Mara headed outside. I tried to get Kyli to join us since she loves the snow but I guess she was already over it. Who said Min Pins were dumb? I don't even have to wonder where she was while we were out. She was keeping her paws warm by the fire. (I did catch a few of her at the end when she finally decided to do her business.)
I couldn't decide on just a few to post because these of the pups seriously cracked me up! This was Mara's first snow.

Check out Trio in the back scoping us out.

They run around this bush nonstop every time they go out. They have carved a ditch in the ground. 

One second...

.. the next second later.. Hahaha!



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