Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We got SNOW today!

Around 12:30 today going into spin class the white stuff started falling! I seriously had my doubts. We got to watch it the whole time we were spin, spin, spinning away. I got back to work around 1:45 and it was starting to stick good. Coach called me and was concerned about the road situation for later on, so I started working on rescheduling my clients and finally got home around 4. 

Of course I got my camera first thing. 

Kyli LOVES the snow! 

I went out for round 2 around 5:30...

Sweet babies!! They all LOVE the fire and don't even think about moving when Coach goes to put more wood in the fireplace.

I love it when Kyli snuggles up with Sox. I wish I knew what Sox thought about that. Sox didn't want to move too because we couldn't take anymore of smelly odor so Coach gave her a bath. I dried her with my hair dryer and then she went to the fire. Isn't her white so pretty?


I can't wait to get out tomorrow and get more pictures!
Tonight one of my friends asked had anyone ever thought about how peaceful the snow was. It IS peaceful... just falling so quietly and on top of that it's gorgeous.



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