Wednesday, January 15, 2014

EGG- straordinary!

I am LOVING my hens lately because we are FINALLY getting eggs from them! Not that I wasn't loving them before but it's safe to say I was just getting a little worried.. hee hee.. Worry time OVA because eggs are here!!! 

We got our little chicks last year in May and we got our first three eggs on December 19th. Coach actually discovered them and called me from home to tell me the news. 

Our first batch of eggs. 
I was so so excited! 
This past Sunday, after church we took a trip to Tractor Supply and got them a new feeder and water dispenser. We got home and I went to work on cleaning out their coop, opened the door and there were three more eggs.. and to my surprise, one was colored!! 

I will be honest I haven't done much research on chickens so initially I thought getting a colored egg was something you would get every now and then. Well, come to find out, we have a red hen, a white bresse, and an easter egger!! So, after much googling, I have found that easter eggers can lay eggs from a blue hue to green hue, white, brown, and even pink eggs! There is no guarantee what color your hen will lay, but whatever color it does lay to begin with is what you will always get. SO, we will always have a blueish/greenish egg from our Easter Egger. 

Monday morning I went out and we only had one dark brown egg and last night I went out to check when I got home from work and we had all three different colored eggs. I am curious on why we will get one egg on one day and then three eggs on the next day. Tomorrow the research continues on our other two girls!


And by the way, if you have never had fresh eggs, once you have them you will NEVER want to go back to store bought eggs!!



Tammy Jo said...

I love fresh eggs!!!

FireFliez on the Lilypad said... I wish I wouldn't have changed my mind. You have to hook a sista up with some eggs. As a plot to convince a brotha to build a coop in the Spring!

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