Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Valentine's Date

After all the snow/ice days and having to reschedule clients, I worked a long day at the salon. It flew by so fast! I get a text when I am about to leave asking me when I will be headed home and to hurry but don't speed because we have dinner reservations at 6:30pm. It was 5:45!! FYI I live about 20/25 minutes from work. Anyways, I made it home, Coach jumped in the car, and we were headed out... dinner surprise ended up being one of my favorite sushi places, Ninja Steakhouse!!
His first choice was PF Changs but they were already booked. 

We were a couple minutes past our reservations and turns out another couple took our seats without permission. SE-CURITY!! Not really, we only had to wait a few minutes for another table to be available, we got our order in and got our bellies full!

The night was filled with laughter, sweet surprises, and lots of love.

The following picture is so hilarious to me it deserved to be standing here alone.. 

When I got home there were beautiful flowers on the counter, my favorite lily of course,  the most perfect card ever, and my favorite chocolates. Coach made a fire, we relaxed on the couch, and snuggled with Miss Diva herself. We couldn't have gotten her out from under us if we tried. 

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?



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