Monday, February 3, 2014

A Late 2014 New Year's Post

In searching for the picture's in my last post I ran across these tonight. 
Christmas day I came down with the flu and was out of commission for what seemed like forever. I don't do well laying around very long. By New Year's I was ready to get out of the house! We decided on PF Chang's where we had our 3 first dates.. I hope to get "Our Love Story" written ASAP! Before we headed off to dinner, Tracie came down to the house and snapped some family photos. I imagine this is what it is like taking photos with children.. no one is ever looking at the camera at the same time, "children are arguing", and some family members are blinded by the flash. I'm not mentioning any names here. wink, wink.
Here is what we got!

Sox and Mara were separated right here because they almost got into a scuffle! Sisterly love!

Mara is ready to get this show over with..

Makes for some fun, family memories!



LindiNicole said...

Your pups are sooo cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad to hear someone else loving Johnny Cash as much as me! Have a great week! :)

Sweet Southern Sparkle

Ashley said...

Thank you so much Lindi! Have you read his book? It's so good! Thank you for following and stopping by! Xxoo.

Tammy Jo said...

Those are so cute!!!

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