Friday, June 2, 2017

Fallyn // Week 3

On Sunday, May 7th, we were instructed to take you to the pediatrician dept at Athens Regional for a weight check. (I think this is technically supposed to be on week 2 but hey, sleep deprivation probs and at least its being documented. HA! You had gained to 6 lb and 11 oz. Dr Sepsey was on call that afternoon and he said to follow up with Dr Setia that Tuesday for another check and to keep doing what we were doing until then.
So much love to you from Fin Fin! She is truly the sweetest.

We have to really watch you in these swaddles. No matter how hard we try you get yourself all cozied down underneath them. I am constantly moving it off your face and you will work your way back into it. It doesn't surprise me because me and your grandmother Weezie have to have the covers over our face to sleep.

You have the sweetest expressions.

Happy baby! I love seeing you smile.

This was Mother's Day! We didn't go anywhere and the family came over for a late lunch. Mama Jane got us KFC and we just all hung out.

Melt my heart!! I pray y'all will be best friends forever.

This is the beginning of you being more alert and having a little bit of a wake period. Your eyes are beautiful!

This picture was from another weight check visit on Tuesday March 16th.. This was the first I had been out of the house by myself with you or anyone and of course we were a little bit late. Oops. We sat and we sat and it took forever. You cracked me up in this photo because your expression is like "can we get on with this already". Ha! All ended up being great! You were up to 7 lb and 7 oz.

And when we got home.. you drank the most that you had in one feeding.. 4 oz!! This has been one of my fave pictures yet!

I'm telling you, your big sister loves you so very much. This is just precious her checking you out and loving on you.

Weezie came to help one afternoon! Finley likes to help hold your bottle too.

This is how we roll in the afternoons. Georgia brought us lunch one afternoon and this was Mommy and Daddy trying to juggle 2 under 2 years old. Ha.

Finley wanted to give you a hug and then it turned into a group hug with Daddy.

Sweet nap time snuggles with Daddy!


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