Monday, May 29, 2017

Fallyn // Week 2

I got home from the hospital on Saturday May 6th. I had missed you and Finley so very much! That is something extremely hard being away from your babies for that long, especially a newborn.

Mama Jane had food cooked for us and it was absolutely delicious. She, Gigi, Ricky, Connie, and Mom were with y'all when me and your Daddy got home.

I love seeing pics of you with your Sister .. she loves you so very much!

Did I mention JUST how much I MISSED you and your sister Finley??!!
I got my Mother's Day present early and that was being alive and being home with you both.


On Tuesday 9th, you had another weight check. Mama Jane took us both to the appointment. You had  gained 2 oz so Dr Setia said it was perfect to wait and come back in a week for another check. He also instructed that I could give you my milk once you got back up to birth weight.

Its wonderful to see you smiling!! It makes my heart happy!

Your skin color looking so much better! You look so peaceful here.

Late afternoon snuggles. When the sun sets, it just glares thru the new windows! We have got to get some shades soon. Oh my goodness it will blind you!


Sleeping like a champ! Since this post is being written at a month, I think you were waking every couple of hours and sometimes you would have a longer stretch of 3 hours.
You do NOT like to be on your back. You didn't like being on your back in your nursery crib in the hospital. Whitney brought back this seat that Finley used when she was born and we alternate you between there and my Mom's baby crib from when she was an infant. 

These swaddles are awesome but you always seem to work your hand up towards your face.

Stacey(high school friend) came to visit us and brought us BBQ. She was so happy to meet you!

After you ate you just grinned and grinned. I'm so glad to capture these pictures!

Your Sissy loves you! I find her peeping over your crib or looking at you like this and she will be holding one finger. It's the sweetest thing ever.

You really don't take your Paci very often. I really don't even think you like it that much.

Sweet sweet snuggles!


Per Dr Setia, for you to gain back to your birth weight, we had you just on Enfamil formula. I continued pumping when I returned home to keep my milk up.


Emotions ALL over the place being so happy to be back home with my babies and trying to get back into the swing of things again. So many people were here to help and stay over night and I was so thankful for that! Lots of naps were taken during the day as much as I could but also lots of time was spent between Finley and Fallyn. That was very challenging at times.
Emotions were also high trying to keep my milk up. I was able to keep it up while I was in the hospital, but once I got home and was doing everything that I needed to be doing, it started to slack off so much. 


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