Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Birth Story // Fallyn Shay

On Tuesday April 25th, I went in for my last doctors appointment. The week before I was dilated to nothing so I was feeling pretty anxious to see if anything had happened during the week. My bp and weight were good (the nurse even said, "well I won't give you a number because I know you don't want to know but I will tell you that you didn't gain any weight this week". That was great to hear. Fallyn's heart beat was great and I got checked and I was at 3 cm and 40% effaced. I had joked with the nurse earlier could I possibly go in the next day for delivery, and Dr Elder even offered that after he checked me but I wanted to spend the day with Finley and tie up some loose ends. So I chose Thursday, he called the hospital and it was set!

I actually went into work after that appt, for my last hair color client, then I went to get my nails done, and then came home to finish some things up.

During the time I had left the dr office and made it to work, I tried to reach Shane the whole time. He had actually left his phone at home while he took Finley to his parents and went and picked out our flooring for the new living room. I finally called Ben (who was doing the construction on our house) and reached Shane that way... he told me when he realized he left his phone at home that he knew I'd be trying to reach him for just that reason... to tell him that we were ready to have a baby. I told him that whatever he needed to do to get ready for Thursday to go ahead and get it done.

Unfortunately for me, I ended up being in bed all day Wednesday with what I thought was the stomach virus. I woke up early that morning vomiting plus more and even had a low grade fever. I had chills, my head hurt, my body hurt... it felt like I had the flu. I remember getting on Facebook for a little bit and someone asking about the exact same symptoms that I was having, and several people commented that they had the same and were positive for the flu. Since reading several articles, I've wondered if I was laboring .. I just really don't know at this point.

Either way, I was so devastated because I had no time with Finley and then sometime that afternoon, Shane took her to his parents and I never saw her again until she was brought to the hospital to meet Fallyn. To be honest, it's all a blur, and once again, I'm having trouble remembering some of it. And I was just too scared for Finley to come around me. If it was a virus or the flu, I did NOT want her getting it nor passing it to the baby. I was even concerned about that from me just delivering and holding Fallyn. But all has ended up being well.

On Thursday, April 27th, I got up (after slightly sleeping somewhat well), got a shower, got ready for the most part, I had to wake Shane up several times to get up, and finally we were on our way to the hospital. We saw another GORGEOUS sunrise on our way there.. it was so weird because we experienced the same thing when we were on our way to the hospital with Finley. My OB was really pushing Athens Regional this go around and my dear friend Jennifer works there, so I felt comfortable delivering there. They have just been bought out by Piedmont as well and I really liked some of the new things that came along with that.

  What I didn't like that I wasn't used to was being in a labor/delivery room and then having to move to a different room. I mean I couldn't even feel my legs and they wanted me to roll over onto another bed. Ha! I will have to say we got "VIP" once I was moved and I can't tell you how many people asked me did I work there.. and when they heard 'no', the next question, or should I say statement was, "oh you must know someone that works here". Yes.. yes I do. Thank you.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30ish AM.. my Mom was already there with a saved parking space. We may have actually gotten there closer to 7 and I honestly didn't even care because I was so nervous and all I could think was, 'I do not even want to go thru labor again'. I even went to the wrong floor (because it was under construction) and was redirected to the right floor. I had to stop and use the restroom and Shane and my Mom beat me to labor/delivery. I got registered, they took me to my room, gave me a gown, I got ready and waited for the nurses to come in and get everything started. I loved my nurses! They were awesome... I had a girl named Stephanie, who looked very familiar to me and we knew mutual people, and Lindsy. (that is not a typo. She spelled her name like that) She actually ended up leaving early and wasn't there for delivery.

They both came in not too long after I got into my gown and got my IV started. I know Jennifer had warned them about how nervous I was because they did make mention of that. Ha! I'm not scared to say what a chicken I am about needles and everything that goes on with delivery. I know what my biggest issues were.. getting the epidural and praying that I wouldn't tear again like I did with Finley. 

At some point, I was checked (which I cried after that was over with.. I mean seriously I think they TRY and rip your cervix open even more. OMG it always hurts worse when they do it than the Dr) and I had gotten to 4cm. I got my epidural around 8:36AM (This epidural was not like my first one. When the numbing medicine was injected, it felt like someone punched me in the back. It was so sore for days. With my epidural with Finley, I could feel my feet and my legs somewhat, but with this one, I felt NOTHING. It was so weird to touch my legs or watch the nurses move them and me not feel anything. I got to the point where I couldn't watch when they did because it completely freaked me out. 
Once I got my epidural, I did start relaxing, even ate a couple of popsicles and of all things 2 cups of chicken broth. At St Mary's, I was only allowed water and ice chips. I am SO glad I was able to have something because I ate hardly nothing the day before being so sick. And the last thing I wanted was to throw up again when they would make me go to the bathroom for the first time, having all that medicine in me on an empty stomach. 
I am NOT a fan of this picture of me with my double chin but in Amber's notes in my book... she told me I was pretty.. and then said "because Amber is always right sooo...." LOL I love how Shane is looking at me!!Makes me melt.

At 9:30AM, Dr Elder came in and broke my water. According to Amber's notes, Shane observed that it was to as much water as I had with Finley. I do remember Dr Elder saying that he was glad my water with Finley never broke in public because it would have been A LOT.
At 11:40AM, is when I started asking for the chicken broth. 
I love Amber's notes BTW. They are awesome.

At 11:56AM, my blood pressure monitor kept beeping and beeping and beeping. They had to give me meds several times to get my BP to come back up. It was SO annoying because every time it beeped, someone had to leave the room to go get a nurse because they had no alert system at the desk.

Around this time, Connie and Ricky arrived.. Mom, Shane, and Amber had been with me all morning and Amber would've even been a littler earlier than 8:30 getting to the hospital, BUT I failed to mention to her that I would be at Athens Regional instead of St. Mary's. That's my bad.
When we had first gotten there, Mom tried to open the blinds and they broke. So around 1:08PM, as I'm trying to nap some more, maintenance comes in to fix them.

 A very short time after this, I remember feeling like Fallyn was going to fall out if I moved the wrong way. 

At 1:30PM, it was confirmed that she wasn't.. I was only 9 CM. Stephanie did try and get it to 10 by checking me and making me push a couple times but nothing really happened so back to waiting. I have to say, this labor was much better this time. I like that it was only a few people and I was so thankful that I was able to nap and rest. I needed it and wanted it, especially after the day before.
I went into the hospital with no makeup on and at this point, I started applying the face. Ha!
Sometime a little after 3, I started pushing.. and I pushed.. and pushed..

 and at 3:57 Fallyn Shay entered the world. After Dr Elder did his thing, and Shane cut the cord, they laid her on top of me and it was wonderful. 

I immediately got to hold Fallyn, and we did skin to skin for an hour. I loved that me and Shane were able to have that time just us to soak up those moments. She did cry and cry it seemed like forever to me, but Shane said that he remember Finley doing the same thing. I didn't remember that, but I did feel more aware of things this go around than last delivery.

She had so much dark hair and it looked curly being wet! Dr Elder even made mention of it. She actually entered the world face up, so her forehead was a little distorted (I never noticed it and they immediately put a hat on her so by the time it was taken off, her head was already perfect). All around her nose was bruised as well and I remember the nurse telling me she was moving her head from side to side almost the entire time I was pushing.
(These events led to me having a 3rd degree tear. I'll just leave this with O. M. G.)

She weighed 7lb and 9oz and was 19.5 inches long.

Either the lactation nurse came in before we went to our room, or she came once we were in our new room. Fallyn had a wonderful latch (I did have to wear a nipple shield) and she did amazing! I felt like the nurse was only in there for 5 seconds... oh she has a wonderful latch! Ok see ya bye! That is totally what it felt like. I didn't care.. I was so excited for her to have a great latch and I knew she did because it was completely different feeling than Finley's. 

As soon as we did get to my new room, there were all kinds of nurses in and out immediately. Family and friends came in (I know they had waited a long time to see us) and Fallyn got weighed, measured, and they did her footprints.

(She was not in the NICU just as a side note.. They must have been running short on cribs.. not real sure)

I wish I knew what we were talking about here.. love Shane's face.

In our room seeing family and friends !!

I think this was after everyone left for the night and I was sending pictures to Shane.

Finally, Finley got to meet Fallyn!
  She was SOOO SWEET! She was so excited when she first came in and just showered Fallyn with kisses. Oh my goodness it was the sweetest thing to watch! 
"Sissy" "Sissy"!

All was going so well and at some point, Finley broke down. Bless her heart. Everyone was in the room and there were cameras all on her, everyone was watching her, and I think she just got overwhelmed and didn't know what to think after the initial meeting of her Sissy. I think we ALL got upset and Shane ended up taking her outside for a good while. He also decided that he would go home that night and be with Finley. He was SO upset and wanted to be with her but at the same time, he didn't want me to be upset if he went home. Amber decided to stay with me at the hospital.. so thankful for her and her staying with me that night!!

Fallyn finally got her bath that first night too. She was SO MAD! She screamed and screamed until the nurse started washing her head. She loved that. I'm so glad they finally washed her hair too because there was a huge patch of matted blood on the top of her head.

Friday April 28th...

 Amber snuck some pictures of some early morning snuggles. This little girl wanted to use me as a pacifier all night long. I was going to avoid using a pacifier and even told the nurses not to bring one BUT that all changed.... (she hardly even uses one now tho 3 weeks later)

Mama Jane came to visit..

Mom came too and Whitney before they had to leave for their trip.

Daddy came back Friday night late... 

That was a little bit of a rough night. Fallyn went into what my nurse was telling me was called cluster feeding.. She wasn't happy trying to latch on and the nurses came in several times to help me, even the charge nurse. Fallyn was so hungry and I'm not sure that I was able to give her what she needed. We eventually got formula and tried to syringe feed her and even drop some on my breasts to get her to latch again. I was such a zombie and in so much pain, but I remember it being such a hard night. Me and Shane were even snappy with each other to add to it. Boo. I guess it comes with the territory of being exhausted and getting into a new rhythm. 

Fallyn, you are absolutely precious and perfect and we are so thankful you are here and came into this world healthy! Your Big Sissy adores you and just kisses all over you. It's so sweet to watch her with you. You are such a blessing and have brought joy to us all already! 
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


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