Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving // Finley's 1st // 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed your families!
We have so much to be thankful for and feel super blessed with all that the great Lord has blessed us with!

One special blessing in particular is this little angel baby right here..

Friday's picture before Thanksgiving at my Grandmother's.

.. it was her 1st Thanksgiving and I think she enjoyed it! ;)

Thursday before Thanksgiving at Christine's
 We got up and got ready and got to Christine's around 12ish. Finley was asleep when we got there but woke up shortly after and just took everything all in! I wish I could read her thoughts when she's in a new place just looking around.

She was very chill being passed around and really only got fussy when she got hungry and sleepy.

Finley, you really enjoyed sitting with your Great Aunt Judy! You just took in everything she had to say.

And, of course, you and your Daddy had a conversation .. maybe about how good all the food was.

You enjoyed rocking with your Papa Ricky too!

That night we got some family pictures!

chubby cheeks!
I love Finley's facial expressions! Ha!

 We had such a great night.. and even got to hear Finley laughing.

The next day, we went to Mama Jane's ..
of course we had a photo shoot before we left

I have to admit when we pulled up in the yard, only my Mom's car and grandmother's car was there. Since we changed Thanksgiving to Friday, Pop had already left for the hunting club, Aunt Tammy had to work and didn't get there til later in the afternoon, and Kolton is still in Missouri. At least he will be here for Christmas.

Lunch was pretty much ready by the time we got there.. delicious may I add! We ate, had some coffee, Coach went outside and hung out with Ty for a little bit, and I started decorating Mama Jane's house for Christmas. Now that was fun! And, maybe a new tradition? She talked about how much she enjoyed it just being done.

We had to show Grandma Kathy how Fin Fin holds her bottle too.. So glad these two got to spend time together and that my Mom was feeling good for the most part.

Thank goodness for family photos!

And, during all the decorating Finley got tired and Gigi rocked her to sleep outside in the swing. She's such a great helper! 

Oh, and while I was getting ready that morning, I caught our little friend outside his home.. 

I have noticed him out here for some time now and he's so fun to watch.. he's been enjoying our pecans too. I hope nothing gets him because I sure do enjoy him out here on the farm!

 Pictures overload continues!

After Mama Jane's, we continued with our Thanksgiving tradition picking out our tree!

I really wanted Finley in this picture with us but she was snoozing away and I just didn't have the heart to disturb her.. we will just have to get a picture in front of the tree when it's finally decorated.


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