Thursday, January 3, 2019

Finley // A few pics

Tonight, I had a few minutes to take a look at this little corner of the internet I have been missing for quite a few months now. This draft was started in MAY! Whew! A tip of the hat to y'all Mamas that can keep up in the blogging world. Clearly, I have the hardest time keeping up. 
But I am going to roll with it and finish this draft with the help of Dropbox letting me know the dates of these pictures! Ha!

This was taken on your second birthday before we went to Frances Meadows. Looking back on this photo, I realized you didn't make this facial expression for very long but you have certain ones you make now! 

You absolutely LOVED Frances Meadows and had THE most fun! You and Hadlee loved splashing in the water and playing in the sprinklers. 

You had tons of fun at Mason's birthday party at Get Air! I wasn't quite sure how you would react being in a new place like this but you literally took off running so fast I had to catch up with you. I don't know who had more fun, you or me watching you have loads of fun! For months you just said you wanted a 'jumpy place'. 

You still constantly love on your little Sissy. Although, you no longer call her Sissy you call her Fallyn and when WE call her Sissy, you correct us. And now Fallyn has started calling you Sissy. Y'all are just the cutest.

One of the first weeks Daddy was home in August! 

I remember taking this picture and thinking how big you looked! I blinked and now you are even bigger and your hair is SO long compared to here.

We love moments on the front porch swing and it continues to be one of our favorite spots.

Stylin girlfriend! I just realized your shoes are on the wrong feet. Wherever we were going, you were ready!

One of the first Sundays in church I caught you praising the Lord. Absolutely precious.

48 hour trip to Savannah in August 2017 for Gammas birthday. It was HOT. 
Fallyn's first beach trip and your second.

One of my favorite pictures of all of us.
You weren't really sure about the sand and we literally stayed out here for about an hour and a half or two hours at the most.

Breakfast at one amazing hole in the wall at Tybee!

Hugging on Sissy every chance you get. 

September 2017 we spent the night with Mama Jane one night while Daddy was out of town.

The night before I left for my inncentive trip to Vegas! It was only for a few days but the longest I had ever been away from you and Fallyn and of course the longest distance. I cried like a baby.

When I returned home!!! So excited and happy to be with you sweet babes again! You didn't know what to think when I walked into the kitchen while you were eating breakfast. You just stared at me as if you were wondering was I really real?

Just love documenting you in your outfits and this was one of my faves. All the pink and sparkle.

Sissy stayed with Gamma and Pa this particular night before and the next morning I got your hair in pigtails and you put your makeup on while I got ready myself. It had been so long since we had had some one on one time together and I absolutely loved and soaked up every moment of this time. I remember leaving for work that day wishing that I could just have the whole day off with you to do whatever we wanted.

Just a night time selfie!

Love your cheesin smiles!

You LOVE sunglasses and I'm pretty sure you felt like you hit the lottery! We needed to get out the house this day so we made our way to Target. Fallyn needed to eat, so you just picked all your favorite sunglasses and had a ball trying them on and lining them up in the floor. So much fun with you!

Carrying your baby everywhere being just like Mommy. There was a time where we had to bring this baby and carrier everywhere and she even had her own place in between yours and Sissy's carseats. 

Always playing kitchen and pretending to eat.

Sweet nap snuggles!

Accidental matching at bedtime!

I'm not sure what you are doing here but I loved this outfit. You really disliked these Converse and only wore them probably 3x. 

My favorite pictures of you and Fallyn!

First trip to the salon together while Mommy got her hair done. Y'all did SO GOOD!!

We make "happy birthday" trips as much as we can.

Going to see Sesame Street! Gamma and Pa made this happen and you and Fallyn both had so much fun watching Elmo and friends. It was a very fun time and I am so glad I got to experience this with y'all gals!

November 2017

Snuggles with Daddy. You passed out in the middle of Daddy changing you into your pajamas. We couldn't believe it.

Paint time! You love artsy stuff. I wonder where you get that from? And I love seeing you snuggle with Kyli.

You found the lipgloss and you haven't stopped since. I love it. You even asked for makeup this morning before I went to work. A little sparkle highlighter never hurt anybody.

On our way to gymnastics! You LOVED going and couldn't wait to get there and had abolsutley NO fear on the beam, rings, bars nothing. There were several times I didn't even get a warning before you jumped off the beam. Ha! These days you are into dance and we start this Saturday but I am so looking forward to getting you back into 'nastics'.

Many days just hanging out at home with you sweet babes!

Always love working out with Mommy. 

Thanksgiving 2017 at Christines house. Y'all were both asked to be flower girls in Emily's wedding this day.

Thanksgiving at Mama Jane's. 

Love our sweet little family and watching you grow sweet Fin Fin! Love your personality and how you are coming out of your shell! 


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