Sunday, March 29, 2015


... in no particular order:

A couple Monday's ago, me a few of the salon girls set off for Keratherapy class. Education in Keratin treatments and we got the Keratin flat iron for F-R-E-E!! Whoo hooo! 

This was taken a few weeks ago when the Bradfords really started blooming.. sooo beautiful! Then of course, it rained and I feel like it knocks off a lot of the blooms.. So now everything is just green.

First snake sighting of the year! It was a pretty day, the pups were out, looked out on the front porch and noticed Kyli jumping around like a Kangaroo. Went to investigate and sure enough there was this guy on the step. The following weekend, I caught him coming out of his hiding place. IIICKK!!

My Aunt sent me this and told me she thought of me.. LOL!! I totally cracked up.

OK, so maybe Mara gets on the couch sometimes too. She's not supposed to and I'm a softy. Who wouldn't give in to this funny girl??

Last weekend, Coach worked in the yard and cleaned this little area out. He pruned the dead branches from the apple tree, pulled some weeds, planted some monkey grass, and this pretty bush was exposed more. I've been seeing more of them on my drive to work the past couple weeks. Absolutely gorgeous!

Thursday, Amber and I spent most of the day together for her birthday! We had a TON of catching up to do! I almost started to think it was a full moon, neither of us got ANY sleep the night before, then we got a later start, I was late due to 35mph almost ALL the way to pick her up (thank goodness an opening came so I could finally pass) and THEN I got stuck by the train 2 seconds from the salon. Geez. We had so much fun tho once we made it together!

I've been looking for this at Ingles and they never have it.. finally made my way to Publix to get some and I have really enjoyed it!

Love this pony Ally rocked for prom Friday!
I have a another prom day coming in May full of hair and makeup! 

Annnd I think that's a wrap for now!


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