Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump day on this 1st of April!
April is a great month cuz it's my Burf-day month and I DO cElEbRaTe for the entire month! Ha! Why not?? YOLO!
No April Fool's jokes here today.. just sharing with y'all what I'm loving...

I'm loving these two and their lazy Monday cuddle sessions. 
P-A-S-S-E-D O-U-T is what they are.. I guess they are getting in all the sleep they can before July.

I'm loving our weekly dinner's at Mama Jane's every Monday! 
Although she did mention we would now be meeting the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month instead of every week now. I think her standing so long in the kitchen really bothers her knee.
Dessert was DELISH!!

And, Mom told me earlier that day to bring the dessert.. so I made my own version of a somewhat Molten Lava Cake. 

She messaged me 30 minutes before hand and tells me not to worry about it, she was wrong on that info. Mmmmkaayyy, just a few hours late... so we had two choices instead.

I'm loving that I got a wild hair Monday afternoon and whipped out the sewing machine. 
It had been so long and I TOTALLY enjoyed myself!
My Mom had given me this bag to fix for her awhile back and I just got to it Monday! I have to admit I had to whip out the instruction book and it took me 3 tries to fill a new bobbin BUT I got it!!!
Take note of all the thread I wasted the first three tries. 

That lead to me finishing this::

My MIL picked this up at a festival... I sewed the sides, made me a button hole with my sewing machine, and hand sewed on the button. I was SO proud of myself!! 
Now my Amy Butler bag fabric is on the dining room table for me to get started! Totally excited me all over again to start on a project!

I'm loving this baby book/planner by Mindy Weiss I picked up yesterday at Barnes & Noble. 
I wasn't sure if this was something I got or waited for one at a baby shower but I couldn't wait any longer! After dinner last night, I took some time to really flip thru it and I cannot wait to get started on filling it out! My Wedding planner was also by Mindy Weiss and I absolutely LOVED it! You can check out more of her stuff here.

Had to throw in the bump. Are y'all getting sick of it yet?
I'm loving Sox's early morning playfulness yesterday! 
She was waiting on me after my shower just a wagging her tail. She's been a little down with her hip lately and its so nice to see her when she's happy and playful again.

I would try and walk away and she would grab my leg with her paws.. so sweet!

I'm loving this "stir-fry" dinner I threw together last night.
Soooo delicious and Coach loved it! I wanted another plate but stopped myself and grabbed me some peaches for dessert instead.

I'm loving these Nike shoes!
I was skimming Pinterest and came across this picture.. Gonna have to find them and get me a pair!

I'm loving all my Pups!
Love seeing them being sweet sisters and getting along.. and the fact that Kyli is snuggling with Mara. Well, Mara may or may not have plopped herself down right on top of Kyli.. ya never know about that low-ridin' Blab heffa.

What are you loving today?


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