Sunday, April 12, 2015

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Ashley from Girl Talk for the Liebster Award! Head on over to her super cute blog and say hello! Thank you so much for the nomination!
There are several new followers on my little corner of the .com world, as well as long time thank you so much for sticking around for our little journey thru life, so thought this would be fun to do and give everyone more of a chance to learn more about me!

Do you prefer your hair to be short or long? Curly or straight?

I am really loving my hair long right now and my new favorite way to wear it is curled with my wand. The curls stay better and last longer.
Shane just asked me the other day when I was going to cut my hair off... he really likes a bob but I'm not ready for the chop yet.

What is the most ridiculous item you have ever bought?

This Enzo Milano finger wave wand.. I went crazy at a hair show several years ago and I don't even know if I have used it. Ugh.

Do you prefer sweet or salty treats?

SWEET hands down! I cannot stand salt.. I don't cook with it or add it to my food. Every once in a blue moon I want Salt and Vinegar chips but I can only eat a few.

What is your favorite season?

I really love the spring when its just the right temp to be outside and when everything is bright and colorful and blooming. And of course I love summer because that means beach time!

What is your favorite sport to play and what is your favorite sport to watch?

The only sport I played in high school was softball and I really enjoyed it once I got started good. I didn't start playing until later on, so I was a little behind but with the help of camps I did get better. I played on a church team, and THAT was fun!
Football was my #1 fave to watch but with us being in baseball it's coming to #1 fast! 
Gymnastics is a fave too!

Do you have any daily jewels you wear everyday? If so, what are they?

My wedding bands and lately by go to earrings have been some sort of diamond studs. Diamonds are my favorite.

Do you prefer to call or text someone? Or nowadays... Snapchat them?

I mostly text because I am beginning to despise being on the phone. At work, texts from clients are convenient because I can get back with them in between clients faster.
Don't really understand the Snapchat thing and I really don't need one more social media app taking up my time.

Why did you start blogging?

A friend encouraged me to do so as a way to document our engagement and wedding. It was a great way for family to keep up with everything and now it's been great for pregnancy updates! I've enjoyed journaling everything in between, meeting new people, and I'll love having this to look back on!

What is the longest car ride you have ever been on?

OMG I think when my Mom and I were coming back from Cape San Blas a few years ago.. it seemed like forever trying to get home.

Who is your favorite singer or band?

I love me some Miranda! This is hard tho because I love all kinds of genres.. right now, Jimi Hendrix hasn't left my CD player in my car. I'm one of those people that can get stuck on one singer/band for awhile.

Tell us your favorite blog post you have written.

Sorry I can't just pick one but I really enjoyed our Wedding posts.
And I can't leave out our bundle of joy announcement!



1/ Where is your favorite place to vacation?
2/ Do you have one book you recommend us to read?
3/ What is your nemesis? 
4/ What is your favorite part of the day?
5/ Tell us your biggest to-do on your bucket list.
6/ What is your favorite beauty product?
7/ Have you been keeping up with the Master's this weekend? If so, who are you cheering on?
8/ If you could hold/be around/pet one animal/reptile without it harming you, what would it be?
9/ What is your favorite hobby or thing to do in your free time?
10/ Why did you start blogging?
11/ Do you have any pets? Introduce them to us!


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