Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekending // House, Wedding, and Fishin' Shenanigans

Another weekend in the books.
My how they fly by quickly.

Friday, turned out to be a gorgeous day and we got a new roof!
#fail on the after picture but it looks awesome!
We are down one chimney tho.. it needed to be taken out so we only have one now.. it's a little weird not seeing both of them still.

Work was good .. just a little tired but can't complain. 
27 weeks..

Coach cooked us an awesome dinner. He's been doing an awesome job in the kitchen when I don't feel like cooking.

Saturday was a nasty rainy day but cleared up somewhat for Mark and Megan's wedding. We took a little road trip to ATL so flippin' glad I do NOT have to drive in that mess everyday People seriously need to learn how to drive.. slow people in the fast lane, nobody uses their blinker anymore, folks weaving and bobbing in and out of lanes like they just left the Fast & Furious movie set. Ugh.

Anyways, this was the FASTEST catholic wedding I have ever been to.. well the only one I have ever been to but I hear they are pretty lengthy. We were out of there in 25 minutes. 

Service was over around 3, we had to wait until after 4 for cocktail hour and then it was another hour and a half for dinner. Not really sure what happened with all that but this mama was HUNGRY and just as I was asking Shane to take me to Chic-fil-a down the street, they opened the doors.

I loved all the flowers, table decor, and the monogram on the wall.

Team Elite family was seated at Table 5...

I could have seriously jacked this centerpiece and sprinted for the door.. I may have thrown my back out tho in the process HA!

This was my first formal, sit down wedding.
The potatoes were sooo good and oddly enough I was able to eat the salmon over the chicken, even tho I haven't been able to do fish the past 6 months.
No dessert for us since they hadn't cut the cake yet when we left.

Picture fun!

Brittany, Laura, and Romas...
Laura just found out not too long ago she's expecting too!

Had such a great time with all these ladies!

Coach was totally playing around here but I can't pass up sharing this with him looking so proud! 
So funny!

Love this!

And because Brittany's phone takes way better pics than mine... 

The groom with some of the TE coaches...
After one slow dance and witnessing some crazy dance floor action, we called it a night around 8 and started our 2 hour treck back home. 

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!! 
We slept, I worked on several things around the house, Coach and I went and grabbed lunch, napped, and then he took me fishing ...

The clouds on the way to the pond.. So pretty!

After a quick lesson, we made our way around the pond for our first fishing spot.. Coach got his line caught in a tree shhh don't mention it to him after that we moved to our second spot ..

And finally, after several casts here, I got one on my line!

My first bass! I couldn't believe it! And I caught him right on the lip, which I was proud of, because Coach explained that you don't want them to swallow the hook. Whooo hoo! 
Coach was a little ways down the bank and said "why didn't you tell me you had one?" I really wasn't quite sure if I had caught a limb or a fish until I pulled him out of the water! 
I'm ready to go back again!

It was such a pretty night. There was a breeze blowing, just the right temp most of the time, and so peaceful. We saw 5 ducks and one baby and two snakes.. well, I didn't see them but Coach did. No. Thanks.

The sunset was pretty and pink clouds were all around us.

Perfect hubby-wifey Sunday! 
It was SO nice to have him all weekend, we were both off and able to enjoy a great weekend together.

Happy Monday friends!


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