Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Sunday

Our Easter this year was planned sort of last minute the week of, but it turned out great! 
It was a little cooler than I expected, so there wasn't a whole lot of hanging around outside.. not all the kids were here so we didn't have an egg hunt either.

There was TONS of amazing food, from entrees to sides to desserts. 
Mom made me an AMAZING rainbow birthday cake, I've never had one, and it was SO delicious. The blueberry layer was my FAVE! 
Connie and Ricky brought me a cupcake with some delicious banana nut bread.

After we all finished eating, the men walked down to the pond and I popped in our baby video from our gender appt. 
Coach and Aunt Tammy got the guns out later on and worked on their shooting and I propped my feet up.

Our day in pictures...

Easter 2014


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