Friday, April 17, 2015

This week...

Let's start with last Friday...

Kristen ROCKED this updo mohawk for her prom!
I had seen this awhile back and begged some of my girls to let me do this and Kristen was the only one stepped up. She absolutely loved it and I did too! So much fun!

Saturday, the skies opened up and beamed a huge bright yellow ball of sunshine it has done nothing but rain here for daaayyysss for this sweet lady's wedding. I had the honor of doing her and her bridesmaids hair and makeup. They were lots of fun and what a fun, easy day!
If you already follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these, but in the event you don't, here's a little hair and makeup!

Nikki came back in this week for the after-wedding-chop and was so sweet to share these photos with me! Her FIL has owned his own plane/hanger/runway on their land for as long as I have know their family, and this is where their ceremony/reception was held. How awesome!

Beautiful bride!

Mr. Plank baptized me and has just recently retired from preaching.

In action!
After work, I treated myself to a pedicuuurr. I cannot begin to explain how much better my piggies felt after a long work week.
I don't think I realized just how much I booked myself last week on top of the wedding, and by Sunday, I felt like I was coming down with the flu I felt so bad. I had ZERO energy, cold chills, and I could NOT hold my eyes open to save my life. Everything I wanted to get done obviously didn't even get started.

Monday morning, Amber came over, we got on her laptop and searched all the fabric sites she has access to, to find fabric for Baby Hopper's bedding. AT LAST SOMETHING HAS BEEN DONE!! Amber was so patient with me searching and searching and looking and looking and I finally found something that I loved! I was so EXCITED and cannot express how much better I felt to have something crossed off a long list.
Afterwards, Coach and I went to my Dr's appt. All was good and her heartbeat was 163.. I just wish I could've been able to listen longer. We were seriously in and out of there in 15 minutes. The nurse also informed me that after this next 4 week appt, it will be time for me to start coming every two weeks.. I said, "ALREADY???!!" I wish I could've seen my face. I was NOT expecting that.. and then I lost it and I think I scared her and Shane both. I couldn't even speak because I seriously thought I would lose it even more. Shane was so sweet to console me. Time has just flown by so fast and I can't believe we are about to already be at that point. I realize that women have babies everyday, but I am super scared about delivery, and that just made it even more real to hear her say that. Moving on...
We continued our day by Coach taking me to the beauty supply store, where he bought me a brand new, squishy mat, sooo thankful for that!! He took me to Planet Smoothie, yummy, we came back home and napped. I was worn out.
AND, who gets granddaughter of the year award??? I do, I do! NOT!! I woke up from my nap, made my way to the grocery store and completely FORGOT about my Grandmother's Monday night dinner. I felt like pond scum. Didn't even cross my mind.

Tuesday, longest day at work and came home and started Baby H's registry.  This has continued ALL week and I am still not done.

Wednesday, I slept in and didn't start until the afternoon, THAT was AMAZING, and as you can see I'm in love with this maternity dress from Target. I want one in every color!

Thursday and today, I have worked all day, although yesterday I did get off a little early because my last client called in sick.. thank you for not exposing me to germs. 

As I said, every night, I've been working on the registries which has taken up a TON of my time! Work has been super busy because Whitney is out on maternity leave, so we are all helping her out with her clients on top of ours, and it's prom and wedding season so I've been spending my Saturday's at the salon too! 

Thank y'all sweet readers for sticking around even when I'm not here. 
I have a couple of fun posts coming up, one in which will be sharing my new favorite lipstick/lipliner combo I put together this week.. it's my new fave!!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful week and have an awesome weekend planned ahead..
see y'all tomorrow!


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