Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Birthday Shenanigans // Sure don't feel 29ish-ish-ish

This has been a wonderful Birthday! 

It all started Friday with a sweet surprise from my sweet heffas at work. 
I felt so special and how sweet of them to surprise me!
I thought the Cherry Coke was too funny!

Saturday, I felt great and Mom came and picked me up for lunch and Easter outfit shopping. 
We started off at Cheddar's in Athens -- so yummy! -- then off to Khol's -- she was so sweet to buy my Easter skirt and belts --, I had a $10 off coupon and scored a shirt for $5!! I was SO excited about that! It's actually the pink one I wore for my birthday dinner.

Then we set off to Hobby Lobby for a couple things for me to make a wreath.. which I didn't get to.. but I'll still make one soon for summer.
I wanted to get water color items but I decided to wait until the nursery gets started and I remembered my Michael's gift card, so I can get that there.

I did see this, and this is the type of font that I would like to write on a painting I want to do for Baby Hopper's room.

In Athens, there is a whole new exit off the loop, which a good bit of stores have been moved there and new ones added that have never been in Athens. It's so nice! We made our way to Versona, its almost like a Charming Charlie's, and I found another shirt in there that Mom said was just too cute to pass up.. It's going to be so comfy for summer!

We had never been to Gigi's cupcakes.. so it was a date!

I had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough..
Mom had the Orange Dreamsickle (sooo delish!) and Pink Princess. 
(I hope I'm getting all these names right)

Fun times! Thanks so much Mom!

I came home, napped, starting on my cupcakes for Easter I think I was completely inspired by our Gigi's visit and then Coach came in and said it was time for us to go to our reservation.

Speakeasy was my choice!
I was a little surprised to see they changed the menu. All I could think about all day was there Coconut Shrimp (and I don't even eat coconut. It doesn't even taste like it or have the flakes on it so I can eat this and the dipping sauce is AH.MAZ.ING.), Crab Cakes, and Spinach Bread Bowl.

Well, they had the Spinach Bread Bowl, but it wasn't a bread bowl. It was in a glass bowl and the bread served was baked sourdough bread. Still good.
No coconut shrimp, no crab cakes, no white pizza.
They did keep the Steak Frites but it's raw so I couldn't eat it. 
We did get the Salmon special that was served with some kind of corn that was off the chain.

Our server told us they got a new GM, and he decided the menu needed to be changed. I couldn't bring myself to tell her he needed to change it back. BUT, they are thinking about doing a Flashback Monday to their old menu. 
Let me know Speakeasy and I'm there.

Oh well, ya gotta roll with the punches and we still had a wonderful time!

I'll also get more of my birthday a little later... a few days at Chateau Elan for some R & R before Baby Hopper makes her debut! 

Sunday, we had our Easter lunch with all the family, and Connie and Tracie hooked me up with some clothes. Whoop whoop! Thank y'all again sooo much! It's great having something new in the closet and stuff I can wear after Baby is born.

Yesterday, Amber came and picked me up for a fun-filled day!

Our first stop was MAC, I had to get a few things for a wedding I'm doing this Saturday, Antionne hooked a sista up too with some foundation samples. I'll be back to see you in Macy's since our Nordstrom closed and my fave MUA moved closer to ATL. No thanks on the drive out there from where I am.

We then shopped a little bit to find Amber some shoes and then we made our way to my surprise..
we painted pottery!
Just up my alley!!

Measuring cups for her and a berry bowl for me!

It will be ready for pick up in one week and I can't wait to see how everything turned out!
I had a blast doing this and would love to go back again! 
I'm pretty sure the pups need their own personalized food bowls. Wink, wink.

Off to PF Chang's! We were STARVING!! 
I didn't realized we were in there painting pottery for two hours.

Lettuce wraps = fave appetizer.
 Talk about a fun, refreshing drink..
Strawberry Cucumber Limeade! 

Amber even found me the recipe

Target fun!

I could try and explain this but it probably wouldn't be as funny...

We ended our day with a Starbucks run.. I couldn't resist. Amber's husband ended up picking up the girls from school so we were able to make a whole day of it! Didn't get home til 5.. wish we could do that every Monday!

Thank you so much again Amber for spoiling for my birthday! You always do and know how to make a gal feel special.
Love you tons!


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