Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Goals

These are just going to be a given from here on out.

*Make a conscious effort to eat healthy, good foods and drink more water.
These days nothing sounds good so this is becoming a challenge. I cleaned it up at the grocery store yesterday, so my cereals I was craving and such aren't even in the house. 
*Continue with the weights.
It felt great hitting the gym and not the living room this past week!


*Life insurance

*Continue reading.
I'm getting better!

*Continue working in future nursery every spare chance I get.

*Make a consult appointment with a Pediatrician.
This one is already done and we are set for this Wednesday for a meeting. This Dr. comes highly recommended and I am so glad he was still taking new patients! Thank you to my sweet friends who have given me advice on finding a Ped NOW. I had no idea they came to the hospital when the baby was born and if you didn't have one, you would just get whoever. 

*Look up nursery/furniture/bedding ideas.
I've been looking here and there when I have had a few minutes to glance but haven't really found anything that catches my eye. Not even anything enough to share with Shane. Hopefully I will find something soon and we will both like it for our little girl!

*Purchase a crying baby doll for the Amigas.
Kyli especially is going to need this. I am curious to see how these pups act. 

4// HOME

*Purge, purge, purge!
I already did our master bathroom. I also started going through clothes I haven't worn in awhile and have a yard sale pile going. Before our wedding, I just woke up one Saturday and threw everything in the front yard and actually made some good money! I do see that happening in the future when its a pretty Saturday.
On the list:: kitchen and guest bathroom.

*Mod Podge another canvas.
When I printed off one of our pictures for my Grandmother's canvas, Walmart printed an extra and I would love to get it up. It's one of Shane's favorite pictures!

I don't even know why this is even a category on my list right now. There are more important things to be done.. DUH. Just thought if I needed a no-thinker thing to do for a little bit this would be good.

*Amy Butler bag is still on!


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