Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the One Whom My Soul Loves

Time flies when you are having fun! 
We certainly cannot complain about this past year.. I promise it seems it only continues to get better and better. Sure we have our moments but what is important is that we have learned and GROWN from those hard times. God has certainly blessed us and I pray for His continuing guidance and covering over our marriage.

Get ready for picture overload! 
I even took a few out because I thought it was too much. Ha. I wasn't quite sure this session was going to happen this weekend as planned but YAY it did! My longtime friend Stacey (introduction post coming) has picked up photography as a hobby and I am SO beyond THRILLED with how these turned out. They captured everything I pictured and wanted and more!

Shane, thank you so much for all the wonderful memories this past year.. TWO down and many more to come.. WHOO HOO! Thank you so much for all the fun, laughter, and love that you give. I look forward to many more precious moments and what God has in store for us!
I love you to infinity and back!



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