Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekending // Halloween

A little late for this post I guess but better late than never! 

For the record, I am going to have to get used to all this darkness so early. I think I almost felt depressed earlier today just knowing it was coming. On the brighter side of things, I went to bed at a record time of 10:30 Saturday night.. WAY early for me and so thankful for those nine hours last night. Let's continue this early to bed and early to rise routine!

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Gatsby theme at the salon for Halloween! 
So much fun Friday!

After I got home from work, the hair came down and the red lipstick came off for date night.. Gym and Longhorn. I feel like Coach and I haven't been on a date in forever! By the time we got there, we only had to wait 5 minutes (I guess everyone was enjoying their Halloween plans) and the food was DELICIOUS! 

Check out this GORGEOUS sunset on the way there...

Saturday I had to work for a couple of hours and made my way back home ASAP for a nap! I don't know what had me so sleepy but I could hardly hold my eyes open! I got in a good cat nap while Coach fixed me up some of his famous eggs. Y'all are straight missing out on his eggs. Fixed me up a plate, brought it to me and everything! 
Of course, I had this lovely view while I got my belly full. 
I spy a begger.....

Fall cleaning anyone?? 
That cat nap did me some good... this house practically got a 'spring cleaning'! Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, FIVE loads of laundry (how do TWO people have FIVE loads of dirty clothes??!) and I washed every. single. baseboard. that I could get to. Sooooo glad to have that done!

Somehow I had a little energy left over to make another canvas.
Finally, got this 8x10 from Walmart and got busy! 
Unfortunately, it hasn't made it to the wall yet.. cough, cough Coach. 
wink, wink

Sunday evening we had a dinner date with friends.. 
Yummy foods and lots of laughter!

And I realize Monday isn't apart of the weekend but it sort of is for me!
Hairsylist weekend if you will.
Got ANOTHER nine hours of sleep... told ya I was on a roll! .. made myself breakfast and got busy on my workout. I didn't feel like getting out so I popped in a T25 video.
I love how the pups think that means it's time to take up the whole floor to act like a bunch of wild banshees.
Couldn't resist stopping for this photo op... Love it when they 'hug' each other!!

After that it was craft day for sure! 
I have several things going right now and here is one project courtesy of Pinterest I am working on.

Totally think they are adorable!

And OH MY QUAD Athens Fashion Fitness!!
I HAVE to have this shirt!

Hope all of you have a WONDERFUL week friends!



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