Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Year Anniversary Date

Coach brought to my attention that for the last two years we have been out of town. Honeymoon and our One Year Ann trip. He asked me how did it feel to be at home for the first time and my response? "Oh you know I could go to the beach anytime!" But seriously, it was nice being home and we took it pretty easy all day and it was laid back.

I thought maybe we would go to Atlanta or somewhere we had never gone before, but after talking we decided that taking it back to where our First three dates were is where we needed to go.. P.F. Changs.
Love Coach's goofy face! Ha!
We LOVE this place! 

And of course, who can leave without having that heavenly Great Wall of Chocolate??! Not us! And we were blessed with getting it F-R-E-E because our server said we were not high maintenance at all.. he shared with us that the hostess had a wreck on the way to work (she was not harmed) and all the servers were having to seat their own tables, had no clue what they were doing, and that was making it a little hectic. 

Well, Happy Anniversary to us!



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