Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Honeymoon.. Chateau Elan & Day 1

If you missed any of the wedding posts leading up to our honeymoon, you can check out a few many of them herehereherehereherehere, and here

After we rode off from the wedding, we headed to Chateau Elan for a night's stay. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

We got up bright and early Sunday November 18, 2012 a little too early for me, and headed to the airport. Everything went smooth at the airport so we got thru everything quickly. We had some extra time at the gate so Coach even tried to get us upgraded to First Class but they were all full. We had some time to chat more about our beautiful day, while listening to some Jamaican music before boarding Flight DL317 thought those last two digits were pretty cool and finally at 9:53AM we were off to Montego Bay!

Our flight took about 3 hours and we landed in warm, sunny weather!! We shed our coats fast once we got off the plane. Once again, everything went smooth thru the airport and we made it to where we were supposed to wait on our ride to Ocho Rios. We didn't have to wait long at all, they took our bags, we sat down for probably all of 5 minutes waiting on refreshments, and we were off again for an hour and a half car ride to the Sandals resort. 

Can you say we look giddy and exhausted all at the same time?


Once we got to the resort, we were greeted by Ms Nadine who was one of our butlers. (We had two butlers, Nadine and Israel, we were left with a cell phone, and we could call them for anything we needed.) I absolutely LOVED her! She took us to our Villa where they had champagne cooled for us and she even took a couple of pictures of us without me even asking.. Told ya she was awesome! 

You can definitely tell I was traveling that day!

This was pretty much our view from our balcony. You could choose between beach front or the Villas on the mountainside. Since Coach was planning this trip he opted for the villas hoping for a more peaceful area. And I must say I was so glad he did because at night the beachfront was a happening place. 

Speaking for myself, I was so EXHAUSTED, we opted just to order in for the night. We ordered from the Manor and it was so unbelievably delicious! One of the things I began to love about the restaurants is you got just enough food.. the right size proportions that we should be eating. None of this value size this for overeating and wasting food. I never left the table over stuffed and miserable. 

One thing that Coach knows for sure about me is that I LOVE some chocolate! After we finished dinner, I wanted something sweet so Coach told me to call Ms Nadine and put in my order. Little did I know, he had already planned to have this amazing Molten Lava Chocolate cake sent to the room on our first night. So when I called her it was already on its way up to our room! I wanted one of these every night it was SO delicious! 

At some point after our bellies were full I fell asleep on the couch (which Coach got a wonderful picture of that I am too embarrassed to publish on here..) and the next morning he told me he stayed up looking at all the wedding photos that Tracie, my sis in law, took with our camera. (I am telling you I can't begin to describe how exhausted I was. Its like my body and mind knew everything was over, I was on my honeymoon in a beautiful place, and just to relax.. and that I did!)

Day 2 coming up!


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