Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hopper Wedding.. Prep Week - Part 1

I guess you could say that since Coach and I were married in November, I am a little behind on the wedding posts. 

Better late than never right???

These shots were from the week of the Big Day. 
Paint, paint, paint, and paint some more. So thankful and happy family was there to help!

This was such a fun night hanging out and getting things done. Sometimes I almost wish I could go back to this week just so I could relive the wedding day over again. Call me ridiculous but I can't seem to let go how fast rehearsal and the wedding day flew by! (not yet anyway)

Since going back in time will not be happening anytime soon, I can say I am also thankful for these memories being caught on camera.
Thanks to my Gigi for her awesome photog skills! 

I think I repainted these words at least 5 times. I think my OCD came out to its fullest. Took. For. Ever.

I wish I would've taken more time on these letters. These were all painted the morning of the wedding. I think it is safe to say that I was O.V.A. it!! 

Lots of Love!


Julie Jinks said...

Ashley I love all of your wedding signs! You have the best print. And I want your dining room hutch...if that's what it's called. Antiques are great!

AshLee said...

Thank you so much Julie! If memory serves me correct Shane's mom said it was already in the house when Shane bought it? I am going to have to ask again! :-D

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