Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Front Door Wreath + Tutorial

So I mentioned back in this post that the birdies were helping themselves to my burlap wreath making the front door in order for a new one. 
With all the time off I had this past weekend, plus Monday, I decided to head over to our NEW Michael's we have, about 10 mins from our house whoop whoop!, and grab some goodies.
I could seriously do some damage in Michael's even more so now that we have one so close. 

With Independence Day around the corner it didn't take me very long to decide what kind of wreath I wanted to do next. Now for material. I really wanted tan burlap, red burlap, and some type of blue jean fabric but I already knew better than that. I really was just wishing they would have that since I didn't want to make that trip to Hobby Lobby in Athens. Although I don't ever want to pass up a trip to HL, but Coach was home and I didn't want to be gone any longer than necessary. 

While making a lap around checking everything out I stumbled upon felt. Perfect! I would just use this to make my rosettes instead of burlap. Time for something new!

Shall we get started?

You will need:

wooden wreath form
iron on fabric stars
red, white, and blue felt sheets
glue gun/glue sticks
wooden letter 

Cut the fabric into squares, round off the edges, and use this tutorial for cutting the spiral circle. 
Once you get finished rolling the rosette, glue the bottom.

Continue doing this with all colors and start glueing your pretty rosettes to the wooden form! Once I got finished making all of them it really took me no time at all on the glueing part. 

After glueing the first two sections, I glued on the H and continued gluing around it until I was finished with the whole thing.

Randomly glue the stars throughout the blue rosettes, add a piece of twine for hanging, and your wreath is complete!


Gabrielle said...

This is so adorable, I love it!

Julie Jinks said...

Great wreath! You def have the artsy gene. A
nd I'm glad you had some luck at the barn!

Marisela Gonzalez said...


AshLee said...

Thank you so much Julie! It sure was fun! Thanks again for the info. :o)

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