Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Blooms

Last year for the first time a little pink showed up in the hydrangeas..
and I am SO THRILLED to announce the pink decided to show back up again!

I can't get over the colors of them and I think they are absolutely gorgeous!

It really got me wondering why all of a sudden they were showing up pink so I did a little investigating. Like I have said before, I really have no green thumb and anything dealing with plants is just not my thing. 
Although I will say that my flowers in this post here, have done a great job of surviving. 
So in case you are like me and are wondering what makes hydrangea's the color they are keep on reading!

If your hydrangeas are pink, the soil has a higher pH or has more alkalinity.
If your hydrangeas are blue, the soil is just the opposite, a lower pH or is more acidic.

To have pink blooms, the plant must NOT take up aluminum from the soil. If the soil already contains it, here are a few tips to keeping your blooms pink:

  • Add dolomitic lime several times a year and try to reach a pH of 6.0-6.2
  • Use a fertilizer with high levels of phosphorous, preferably close to the ratio of 25/10/10
  • Since it is harder keeping aluminum out of the soil,it is easier to control the soil pH if you plant in large pots. It is also best to use soilless mixtures since these types are less likely to have aluminum in them.

So now I know, if Coach decides to move these beautiful blooms, like he has been saying he is gonna do, and they start turning blue I know just what to do to get them pink again!


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