Tuesday, June 11, 2013



What did we do before Pinterest?
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O. M. G.

Are you kidding me with the two stories? 
Love the ivory..
I'm all about some ivory/white/antique white.. whatever..
Beautiful chandelier..
Vanity station..
Dark hardwoods..
SPACE... oh my word the space..
All the compartments..
The island..

How awesome to have all of your clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc in ONE place?? 
For now, I am completely happy to just have my very own shoe closet. I mean a girl can NEVER have too many shoes.

And hey.. a girl can dream.

Sign me up.

i. am. in. love. 


Marisela Gonzalez said...

LOVE IT! how did these people have these ideas before pinterest?!!

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