Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Did everyone have a good weekend?
This post is a little late but if you knew what I have been doing all day you would totally understand why!
After not sleeping very well AT ALL last night, 
(I took a melatonin around 11:30, woke up at 4, stayed up until 6ish, all I wanted was PEACEFUL REST so I took another melatonin, who knows when I fell back asleep, Coach woke me up with a cup of coffee around 11:15(?), and then I finally got up),
to cook the famous blueberry waffles, requested by the husband, put up clean dishes, clean the dirty ones, 6 loads of laundry, vacuum, clean out the chickens temporary coup, give them a bath yes I did this because they turned their water over which got their shavings wet and they were disgusting to say the least cut two of the pups toenails, go to the gym, run by the grocery store, clean out the fridge, put groceries away, and make the bed. 
I'm exhausted all over again.

What a great weekend for us!

Friday night, Coach finally was back at home and we got to spend some time together after him being on the road. Like I said before, this baseball season has been really good to me!

Saturday morning I had a couple of clients, including my Mom, who got a new do. I really love it on her!

Afterwards, Coach had a late game, so I came home, changed, and off we were to Mountain View HS. It was great being able to go with him and see him at work. I met a few of the parents Memorial weekend and since this was the same team I saw then, he manages three teams, I was able to talk with them some more. Everyone I have met has been super nice and just overall great people. It's great knowing who their boy(s) are on the diamond and putting faces with names. There sure is some talent out there on the field!

This is the only picture I got from that game..

Apparently there was some group text going on between some of the coaches and things were getting pretty funny. Caught this moment while we were waiting to play. There was about a two hour delay because one of the teams showed up at the wrong time. 

Sunday we had a lunch at my grandmothers. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Kentucky and a few of the cousins also joined us. 

Not all the food is out here but it was all delicious!

If you already follow me on IG you have already seen a few of these pics.. If you don't, you can find me here-- hopper11_17
Love the clouds!

I also started a new devotion book. One of my clients had been telling me about it and brought it to me at her last appointment. I must say I have some pretty amazing clients!

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Lots of Love,


Megan said...

I could have killed someone over that stupid group message. I swear Billy's phone would NOT stop going off. He eventually stopped checking his phone, which was even more annoying because it was like a phone ringing that nobody was in a hurry to get to.
What little bit I read was funny, but good lord I about busted his phone.

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