Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Family Friday Finds!

 After only working a couple of hours literally Friday, I met my MIL at this place that Julie from Living Jared Julie had told me about. I had seen a sign on the main road I travel almost everyday but wasn't quite sure what it was.

Well, I am SO glad I finally found out what it was about and where it was!
Mrs. Connie LOOOVVVVVEESSSSS antiquing! 
When I say she has an inventory I mean she truly does!
We used so many things for the wedding and whenever I need anything, I have just learned to ask if she has it before going and buying anything.
{i.e. See the bottom of this post}

 The barn was so awesome and had so much variety! The owner's family is in the metal business and before items get done away with she gets to save some of the old stuff. It's nice to see antiques since everything has become so modern. 

I thought this was really neat.

Super cute! Can you see it's a tailgate? I loved this idea for decor when the big barn gets finished.

And this is the table I loved. I got two pieces of copper for decor to go in the kitchen. 

Ever since I saw Paula Deen's kitchen with all her copper pots I knew it was exactly what I wanted too! I just absolutely love it!! 
Get ready Coach, my collection has officially started!

This was two years ago at Christmas in Savannah. Me, Connie, and Tracie ate at her restaurant for dinner. 

I got these chargers for $1 a piece!

How gorgeous are these? 

I have no clue what I will do with these but I really liked them.

I also scored this table for $20 bucks and it matches the guest bedroom furniture (that Mrs. Connie re-did out of  her inventory) PERFECT! All I need to do is make a trip to Hobby Lobby and get a handle for it. 

I also got about 6 spools of thread. I really need to get back on my sew project

We couldn't stop there tho! There is a place in my hometown that has booth after booth of antiques. I had never been there before but it was great. 

Love this! I could deal with it in the house. Not the doll tho. Have I ever mentioned that old dolls really creep me out??
Of course I had to take a pic of this.

Love this wheel too. Barn material.

I love crates too. Where were these during the wedding planning??

I could totally have this in the foyer! 

HAVE. TO. HAVE. Or make. Oh my oh my!!!

Below is what I was talking about with my MIL's inventory. I mentioned to her that I may go to Pier 1 Imports to get some napkins and napkin rings to go with my new chargers. 
Yup, totally didn't have to go! 
I found these green summery napkins and these Southern Living(?) napkin rings. 
And Coach will be happy that I didn't even have to swipe the plastic to get it! Ha!

The next barn sale should be in September or October and I can assure you we will probably go again!


Megan said...

I want that pew!
Where is this place?! I have to go visit!

Samantha said...

Hi AshLee! I found your blog through the Blog Everyday in May challenge and I just love reading it! I just was nominated for the Liebster award and I nominated you too! you can see the nomination on my blog at

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