Friday, June 7, 2013

A Proud Moment in Baseball...

If you have followed me from early on you already know that my husband, who is also known as Coach on this personal space of mine, is the manager for a 16U travel baseball organization called Team Elite.
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Last night, I had on my mind that if Coach came home early we would maybe get a chance to go see The Great Gatsby. Not so fast tho!! He walked in the door and with the biggest grin on his face said, "Welp, the draft is tonight at 7PM!" 
I can honestly say it had not even crossed my mind yesterday, but at that exact moment I knew we were NOT going anywhere! 

Two of Team Elite's players, Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier, were projected to go in the first round. 

Sometimes I do get a chance to get away to the baseball field and see Coach at work and see his kids play. Two years ago I was at a game and remember making a mental note to ask him who #28 was. When the game was over and we were finally together I said, "Who is #28? He just floats around the bases."  "That would be Meadows", he replied with a grin.

Well last night I was able to be home with Coach and together we watched as two friends were drafted in the top 10-

Clint Frazier, No. 5 overall pick to the Cleveland Indians and Austin Meadows No. 9 to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I couldn't help but catch some of these photos!

What an awesome moment for these guys and for Team Elite!

There is so much time away from home spent at practices, winter workouts, and games.. dedication and hard work have certainly paid off! 

And now I have to brag on my husband! Here is an article posted yesterday on Perfect Game where he was interviewed on Frazier and Meadows. I thought he did an awesome job!

I know that Coach, and TE, are SO proud of these boys and their accomplishments and excited for what their future holds.

Congrats to them both and the other Team Elite prospects to be selected over the next couple of days!


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