Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring has Sprung on the Front Porch!

Spring Fever hit a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take our fall-ish porch and add a little bit of life to it! 
It was time for some color!

Every now and then I will go check out the barn for any 'new' things I may can spot. There are so many old but really neat items there that I can spruce up and decorate the house with. It just fits perfectly with old house and the farm feel. 

I have really been loving the chair idea with a plant in the seat..

Sooooo guess what I found out in the barn??

It was perfect and the cushion/seat had already been taken off.. this is exactly how I found it.
I cleaned it up a bit and then Mrs. Connie came over and we got started with the chicken wire.. she molded it and then started stapling to the underneath part of the chair. 

Finished with the wire!

I got out one of my favorite things --paints-- decided on a color and got to it!
Red is one of my favorite colors but we have a red door and I also wanted a color that would stand out. 

Turquoise it is.

We had a 4-legged helper too. 

Silly girl.

I picked this up at home depot..

Shredded the edges for a not-so-perfect look..

Added soil and this beautiful Begonia plant for the completed look.

I potted these when this fun porch project first started. 

I got these birdhouses from Mrs. Connie's inventory.
And here is the completed look!

Next project is for another wreath since the birdies around here have helped themselves to this one. 

What have been some of your Spring projects?


Julie Jinks said...

Oh my goodness! So pretty! The chair is so charming. Sure wish I had bought the rusted wheelbarrow.

Christine said...

I love the chair! I saw this idea too and it is on my list of future projects. I need to have another pinterest party to motivate myself!

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