Monday, April 8, 2013

It wasn't so bad..

turning the 


I got tons of texts, phone calls, facebook messages, and more making me feel super special on the big birthday!!

These pretty flowers were waiting on me at the salon with a sweet card from Mama Arlene. 
Remember, she married Coach and I and even took us through marriage counseling.
Made me feel sooo special!

I also had another card from Whitney, she is a super awesome stylist who is SUPER sweet, with a Starbucks card and Dove chocolates. Love some coffee and chocolate!

Later on Thursday, there was a special delivery from my Mom with these pretty spring flowers, a very sweet card, and a chocolate cake.. THE BEST EVER.. that got completely demolished that day!
I would say it probably wasn't that good. 

When I got home this gorgeous arrangement was waiting on me from my HUSBAND!!

I still haven't gotten used to seeing 'wife' but I love it!
A precious card along with my FAVE chocolates.

This flower arrangement is by far the most beautiful one I have received yet from the florist Coach uses.
More blooms have opened, there are still a couple left to open, and it gets more beautiful everyday. 
Now only if my photography skills could get a little better to show you just how gorgeous they are!

 Later on that night, we headed to Athens for my favorite dinner of all time, SUSHI.

So yummy! I seriously think I could have it a few times a week.


Then we had this delicious bad boy... Fried ice cream. I think I died and went to Heaven for a second.

I know I'm holding up the 3-0, but I think I may just consider myself for being 29-ish at the moment.
Just for a little fun!


Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

Looks like you were treated exactly how you should have been on your big day! Happy Birthday!!!

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