Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A little spoiling...

I definitely am blessed to have one of the most amazing women in my life.
You have heard me talk about her before.. Yup you guess it, Amber.

She and the girls certainly did spoil the heck out of me last night for my birthday get together!
I met up with her yesterday afternoon just in time to get the girls from school and then we headed back to her place for a fun afternoon of girl time!
Amber just wanted me to relax and enjoy her marvelous cooking. 
I am serious when I say she can cook the mess out of some food. I should really be at her house every night when she cooks so I can take some lessons. We have even jokingly talked about setting up a video camera and recording her teaching me how to cook. Now THAT should be hilarious! 
Hey I would watch it.

She made an awesome appetizer that I couldn't get enough of and for dinner we had her famous Chicken Enchiladas! 
those. things. are. heavenly.
She even sent some home with me and I may share with Coach. 

For dessert I got surprised with these oh so good cupcakes and the Happy Birthday song!

Strawberry with Chocolate icing. After the enchiladas I could only do one but I really just wanted to smash my face in another one.

The girls made me sweet sweet cards..

And I LOVE my gift!

And Amber says a southern porch isn't complete without a fern!
She even had a little chat with him and told him he had to survive for me!
Around here I can't even keep cactus alive. Yes I totally just admitted that.

Sass even gave me a coupon to the So Chic Salon where I cashed in after dinner and got a mani and a pedi! So relaxing! 

And the night's not complete without a little snuggle time from Georgia AKA Fatty Boo Boos..

Thanks for a wonderful evening gals! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can't wait 'til we get together again!

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